‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Pat Sajak Revealed the ‘Most Fun’ Part of Being a Celebrity

by Keeli Parkey

Thanks to his decades-long tenure as the host of “Wheel of Fortune,” Pat Sajak has reached a level of fame that some people can only dream of. And, he enjoys being a celebrity.

The show is part of American culture and it is still viewed by millions of fans each and every week. Serving as Pat Sajak’s cohost for decades is Vanna White. The show has also made her famous.

So, what does Sajak enjoy about being famous? He answered that question during a 2013 interview with Seth Stutman of Mass Appeal. Turns out, what the long-time host of “Wheel of Fortune” enjoys about being a celebrity is that his status allows him to more easily approach other celebrities.

“What’s fun for me – when you’re on television for a long time you become part of this celebrity club,” Sajak explained. “So, if you’re out somewhere and you see someone you really know and admire you can go up and say, ‘Hi.’ And, chances are they know you as well.”

It is this part of celebrity that is the “most fun” for the “Wheel of Fortune” host. And, it allowed him to meet a popular television comedian he had wanted to meet for a long time.

“So that’s, to me, the most fun,” Pat Sajak said. “That I can walk up to someone … a great comic who had lots of sitcoms on the air named Bob Newhart. He was a guy that I never met. I just loved him for years. And, a few years ago we were at a party and I saw him and I said I gotta go say hello to him – it’s Bob Newhart.”

Of course, Sajak approached the comedian and, like so many other people do when they meet a celebrity, he turned into a fan. Bob Newhart turned that into a funny joke.

“And, I said hello and he was very nice. And, like anyone else, when I’m away from the show I say dumb things like fans,” Sajak recalled. “I said meeting you has been one of the highlights of my life. And, he looked at me and said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry.'”

Now, that’s a memorable celebrity encounter.

Watch Pat Sajak talk about “Wheel of Fortune” and his thoughts about being a celebrity below. His comments about celebrity begin around the 5:30 mark of the interview.