‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Pat Sajak Once Revealed Strong Opinions About Hockey, ‘Bandwagon’ Fans

by Joe Rutland

Pat Sajak loves hockey. He loves the Washington Capitals. One other thing the “Wheel of Fortune” host doesn’t mind: “Bandwagon” fans.

“By the way, I’ve never subscribed to the (theory), you know, ‘Oh, if you’re a bandwagon fan, that’s no good,'” Sajak, a longtime Capitals’ season ticket holder, said in a 2009 interview on DC Sports Blog. “I’m glad new fans are coming along and rediscovering the team and getting excited about it.

“And I understand in the tough days why it was a tough draw, so welcome aboard to everybody,” Sajak said. “To me, it’s just the most lyrical and beautiful game. People who don’t understand the sport, I feel badly for, I wish they did. It’s their loss, frankly.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Wants Hockey To Be Careful With Non-Fans

Obviously, when it comes to the non-hockey fan, Sajak, who hosts “Wheel of Fortune” along with Vanna White, said that’s a careful topic to approcach.

“I mean, you hear a lot of people say, ‘Oh, I don’t watch hockey, I don”t like the fighting,’ or whatever it is” he said. “I’m not a soccer fan and I say, ‘Oh, it’s low scoring,’ but if they increased the scoring I might not want to see soccer anyway.”

Additionally, Sajak sees a danger in appealing to the non-fan. “We have great hockey fans. We should see what ‘they’ want to do with the sport,” he said.

Capitals Give Sajak, Other Fans Reason To Celebrate In 2018

Nine years after this interview, Sajak and his fellow Capitals fans were able to celebrate the team’s Stanley Cup victory in 2018.

Players like Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeny Kuznetsov were among those who led the Caps to a 4-1 best-of-seven series win over the Vegas Golden Knights.

It marked the second Stanley Cup Finals appearance for the Caps. They lost in the 1998 Finals against the Detroit Red Wings.

Sajak can keep talking up his Washington Capitals. In addition, they remain a force in the National Hockey League’s Eastern Conference. Also, you can always catch Sajak spinning the big wheel on “Wheel of Fortune.”