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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White is ‘Not a Political Person’: Here’s Why

by Jon D. B.
(Christopher Willard via Getty Images) VANNA WHITE

Ever wonder why “Wheel of Fortune” legend Vanna White isn’t outspoken on her political views? “I don’t get into it, but it is just making me crazy,” said the game show icon in a 2018 interview, before breaking down exactly why she’s not interested.

In a pressing piece with The Believer a few years back, “Wheel of Fortune”s irreplaceable Vanna White revealed quite a few things about herself. For one, she’d worn over 6,500 gowns at the time, which has grown in the time since. White also enjoys crocheting and refuses to gamble more than $100. Her biggest reveal?

“I hate politics,” the star dropped at the time. And in no way is this beholden of White’s tone, or the interview’s tone at large. Instead, the “Fortune” icon comes across as nothing other than open and honest.

So when The Believer asked White how she feels about the “responsibilities” citizens have “at this particular moment in history” – circa 2018 – she told them.

“Well, I think that there is a lot going on in the world. I am not a political person. I hate politics,” White began. “And I especially hate everything that’s going on, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, I—it’s everybody’s choice,” she continues.

For the “Wheel of Fortune” star, it’s as simple as “I don’t get into it.” She did, however, note that the intense political division of the past decade(s) was “making me crazy with all this stuff that is going on in our world.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White ‘Hardly’ Gets on Social Media Due to Politics

Coming off this answer, The Believer then asks White if she “likes to keep that private”… Which we thought would go without saying!

“I am private about that,” she replied. “I mean, I have my own feelings and opinions about it but I don’t like—I hardly even go on social media because I don’t like, you know, one’s saying this one, the other one’s saying that one, and [sighs] it’s like, OK, I don’t need to hear the back-and-forth of this.”

This may be one of the most relatable things a television personality has ever said. A show of hands for others who took social media breaks due to the last several years of politics?

For the “Wheel of Fortune” icon, she says she’s far more into the “life” aspect of social media than people blasting each other over personal opinions.

“What about your child’s dance rehearsal that you filmed? I’m more into our life. Not the political side of it,” she concludes.

Even after these answers, the interviewer then asks Vanna White who she voted for in the last election. Yikes. Might as well be the 7,001st person to ask her if she’s ever had “a thing” with Pat Sajak.

We’ll see you in the Google searches.