‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White Loves Crochet, Revealed the One Item She Loves to Make

by Quentin Blount

Wheel of Fortune hostess and letter girl Vanna White once revealed her favorite item to crochet during a 2019 interview.

There is no question that Vanna White is a true television icon. After all, she has been on Wheel of Fortune for more than 38 years! Not only that, but White is genuinely one of the kindest and generous people in the industry. That was on full display during a 2019 sit-down with Paolo Presta on his show, A Spoonful of Paolo.

Presta and the one and only Vanna White talk about many different topics during their 12-minute interview. One of those topics was crocheting. Presta asks the Wheel of Fortune star what she considers her favorite item to make.

“Baby blankets. People are always having babies, right?” White said. “And you can get any gift you want but you can’t get a handmade gift.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Donates Half of Her Yarn Company’s Proceeds

Okay, so, Vanna White loves to make baby blankets in her spare time. That doesn’t seem all that surprising given her bubbly personality and infectious spirit.

However, the Wheel of Fortune star managed to turn her favorite hobby into a successful business. White is the owner of her own personal line of yarn named Vanna’s Choice. She launched the yarn line back in June of 2007 alongside Lion Brand Yarn. And little does everyone know, White donates half of her business’s proceeds to the kids at St. Jude’s hospital.

“Yes, I have donated two million dollars,” White admits. “But it is not just me. It is everybody who uses my yarn. I do donate half of my proceeds and I love it. You know, I have been so fortunate in life that I want to give back.”

When asked why she chose St. Jude to be the recipient of her donations, the Wheel of Fortune star says that it is all about the kids.

“It was mainly the way St. Jude works,” she continued. “Children with cancer can go in and they won’t have to pay. They will not turn any of these children away with cancer.”

White has lost people that she loved in life due to cancer, including her own mother. But now that her two kids are healthy, she uses her money to make sure that other parents can feel that same sense of comfort.

“My mother died young from cancer,” White recalled. “And I have two very healthy children, thank goodness. So, I just thought this was a great way to give back. I went to St. Jude and I toured everything and saw what they did and it really touched my heart.”

You can watch the entire 12-minute interview with Vanna White down below: