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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White Loves Filming Show Outside: ‘Like I’m on Vacation’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Many perks come with being the co-host of “Wheel of Fortune,” with hosting the show outside at Disneyworld being at the top of Vanna White‘s list.

While taping the show at Disney’s Florida resort in 2017, Vanna White and Pat Sajak sat down for a chat with Attractions Magazine to talk all things “Fortune” and Disney. Within, one interviewer asks the incomparable Vanna what her favorite part of filming at Disneyworld is. A simple question, yes, but one that surely has a thousand answers. For White, however, it’s a quick no-brainer.

“Well for me, it’s wonderful to tape outside,” White begins. “I feel like I’m on vacation taping! The wind’s blowing so beautifully, and the people are so nice!” she gestures.

Well… weren’t they on vacation? They’re at Disney World! Sure, “Wheel of Fortune” is work for Vanna and Pat, but is it really work when you’re outside at Disney?

“I feel like I’m on vacation, really!” White reiterates in the 2017 interview. “It’s just so nice to not be inside a studio. Disneyworld is so wonderful to us, too,” the icon concludes.

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The interview holds the same question for Pat Sajak, but not before he gets a little joke in with his longtime co-host and dear friend.

“If when we get back to the studio, if we put a little wind machine on you, would that make you happy?” Pat smiles over to Vanna.

“It wouldn’t be the same!” she laughs.

“No it’s true!” Pat backs her up. For Sajak, however, the biggest thrill of filming at Disneyworld is how energized it gets the game show’s contestants.

“The contestants are so happy to be here!” he smiles wide. “Not only on “Wheel of Fortune” but to be at Disneyworld. So it’s kind of a double-boost of adrenaline they get. It’s a fun place to tape,” he smiles.

It must be exactly that, as Sajak tells Attraction Magazine they’ve been filming at Disney World for “a long time!”

“There used to be television studios here,” he reveals of the massive park. “It was over where Toy Story Mania is now! So we used to film indoors here. This location has been great, though,” Sajak signals to their 2017 outdoor shooting stage. “It’s so beautiful here! I look over my shoulder sometimes and forget we have contestants!”

For far more from the iconic “Wheel of Fortune” duo on their legacy with Disney, watch the full interview for yourself below:

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