‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White Reveals She Never Wears Dress More Than Once

by Matthew Wilson

Over the years, “Wheel of Fortune” star Vanna White has worn A LOT of dresses on the popular game show. It’s enough to be a sustainability advocate’s worst nightmare. And she’s not stopping anytime soon.

How many dresses is a lot? White has worn over 7,000 outfits while on the show. The hostess has been on the show since 1982 when she joined host Pat Sajak. In an interview with TV Insider, she revealed that she never wears the same dress twice. That many dresses would be overflowing out of even the most spacious walk-in closet. But White said she doesn’t keep the dresses.

“Well the way that happens is the designers send the clothes to the studio, I wear them. And they go back,” she said. “They don’t go to my closet. They go back to the designer.”

What would happen if White wore the same dress twice? Would the universe implode? No, because just the thing happened one time. It did make the “Wheel of Fortune” star feel bad though after she realized the mistake.

“I don’t know how it got lost in the shuffle. Because we take a picture of every dress, and we have a list of everything…I don’t know if the description was different than the other description. But it was the exact same dress,” She said. One superfan noticed the mistake and pointed it out. “Somebody who was watching very closely picked it up.”

Vanna White Plays Host

The dream team of Sajak and White was temporarily broken up in 2019. Sajak experienced a medical emergency that required surgery. White took over for Sajak as host for the show. Meanwhile, Sajak’s daughter Maggie took White’s role in front of the show’s letter board.

“P-A-N-I-C. Panic is the word that comes to mind!” she said of having to host. “Our executive producer came up to me and said, ‘Hey, Pat has to go into emergency surgery right now. How would you feel about hosting the show?’ Panic set in at that moment, but I made a quick decision and realized the show must go on.”