‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White Revealed the Weirdest Thing a Fan Ever Asked Her to Sign

by John Jamison
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

In the near 40 years that Vanna White has been co-hosting “Wheel of Fortune,” she has seen her fair share of weird stuff. She undoubtedly has hundreds of stories to tell about crazy encounters with overzealous fans. But one of them proved more memorable than most.

Being such an icon, Vanna White has amassed a huge following of adoring fans over the years. Her fashion sense and overall beauty have endeared her to millions of people. And “Wheel of Fortune” fans love her presence on the show.

In 2016, Vanna sat down with the late Larry King for an interview. The pair played a little game of “If You Only Knew,” wherein Larry King fired off question after question, letting the audience get to know the longtime “Wheel of Fortune” co-host. One of the questions had Larry asking Vanna about her funniest fan encounter. Her response?

“Someone came up to me and asked me to sign a yardstick,” she said, grinning. “A yardstick?” Larry implored. Vanna confirmed the strange item.

While hilarious, yes, there are plenty of worse things someone could have approached her with. For all we know, the yardstick was the only thing this particular fan had on their person when they happened upon Vanna White. All things considered, it’s a relatively reasonable item to have someone autograph.

Get to Know the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Co-host

While the yardstick thing stands out as a funny story. That question was one of many that Larry King rattled off. We’ll briefly go through some of the questions and responses in an effort to learn a little more about the “Wheel of Fortune” icon.

The best piece of advice Vanna ever got? “Be honest,” she said.

Her proudest accomplishment? Landing herself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yeah, that’s a good one for the resume.

Funniest “Wheel of Fortune” moment? She had to flip through her Rolodex of “Wheel” memories before she landed on the time when a prop Christmas gift got caught on her dress. She didn’t know she was dragging it as she walked back and forth across the stage.

Something on Vanna’s bucket list? She wants to see the world. No, like, literally the entire world. Ambitious, but a solid goal.