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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Throws It Back to Legendary Puzzle Solver in Latest Post

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Paul Warner / Contributor)

Some nights on Wheel of Fortune, it seems the contestants are just unstoppable. That’s exactly what happened when contestant Rebecca Berg from Atascadero, California came to compete in January this year. The game show’s Twitter threw it back to the legendary episode when Berg swept the competition away. Her speedy answers and cheerful enthusiasm kept host Pat Sajak smiling all the while.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Pat Sajak Gets to Know Contestant

Although Berg might not have had the most exciting career as a bookkeeper, the Wheel of Fortune host nevertheless tried to connect with her about it before the game began.

Berg, herself, even admitted, “It’s not the most glorious job.”

But Sajak, ever the gentleman and gracious host, still followed through with his “bookkeeping questions.”

“I noticed there are three sets of double letters in a row in bookkeeping— ‘OO,’ ‘KK,’ and ‘EE,'” Sajak said before concluding, “That’s all I got Rebecca.”

Despite his lack of knowledge in the field, Sajak did uncover some other interesting facts about the soon-to-be victorious contestant. Berg and her husband of fifteen years were avid wine tasters that frequently toured the wineries in their area.

Rebecca Berg Starts and Ends Game Strong

It’s rare when a contestant plays a strong game all the way through, but for Rebecca Berg, she competed like a Wheel of Fortune pro.

Starting with the Prize Puzzle Round, Berg managed to discover the answer just as soon as letter-turner Vanna White revealed all the vowels.

“A flight to Costa Rica,” Berg exclaimed. Of course, she won the puzzle and a trip to the island destination.

Berg’s next big win came when she solved all three puzzles in the Triple Toss-Up Round, managing to outsmart her components just a few letters in. With the same infectious enthusiasm each time, she answered the “What Are You Doing?” prompts.

The first answer turned out to be “Rocking in a rocking chair.” Once Berg recognized the pattern of the phrase, her answers for the second and third round came even quicker.

“Swiveling in a swivel chair,” the contestant said next. And finally, with perhaps just a hint of doubt, “Eating in a high chair.”

In the final round, Berg amazed both Sajak and White when she managed to answer the puzzle correctly. At that point, only three letters appeared when she shouted, “Dances with Wolves.”

Sajak, referring back to her wins during the Triple Toss-Up, joked, “I thought you were going to say ‘Dances in a wolf chair.'”

Berg finishes her amazing game with a final victory in the bonus round. With the category of “place,” she answered the puzzle before the timer even started to count down.

“Yeah, you need more time?” The Wheel of Fortune host asked, bewildered.

Berg secured an extra $45,000, collecting a total of $67,350 during her time on the game show.