‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Pat Sajak Crack Up Talking About Vanna White’s Dress Blooper in 2015

by Will Shepard

When Vanna White joined Wheel of Fortune many years ago, Merv Griffin knew that she was going to be great for the show. He recognized that her personality was a perfect match for Pat Sajak.

The game show hostess has been a part of countless iconic moments on the game show. Many of those moments have been absolutely hilarious. In 2015, during a Christmas time taping, White had a particularly hilarious incident during taping.

Pat Sajak detailed what happened to the audience in a short segment once they had finished the episode. While he explained the incident, neither of the Wheel of Fortune hosts could keep from laughing.

“Well, I’m sure a lot of you caught this at home,” Sajak explained through giggles. “We have these gift packages decorating our set, and we have some up on the puzzle board.”

Together, Vanna and Pat explain that “one of them became attached to” the hostess’ dress. The two refer to a clip of walking across the stage tapping letters with a gift clinging onto her dress. The two game show hosts laugh along with the audience as the clip rolls.

“And the funny thing is that I didn’t even feel it,” Vanna says with a huge grin. No one participating on the stage noticed, but the audience and viewers certainly did.

Nonetheless, it made for some hilarious conversation afterward. It is one of the iconic Wheel of Fortune moments that will likely not be forgotten for a long time.

Vanna White Is Always up for a Good Laugh While Filming ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Pat Sajak and Vanna White have incredible chemistry on stage. The two hosts’ personalities blend perfectly together. It is part of the reason that they have been together for so long on the game show.

Recently, the two filmed a short segment for the game show that cracked Sajak up. Vanna White reportedly takes pride in being able to get her co-host to laugh. This was certainly one of those incidents.

On the Wheel of Fortune social media page, there was a short clip of the interaction that made Sajak laugh. Right at the end of the show, Sajak wanted to make Vanna do something a little different.

So, he began by complimenting his co-host. But, he quickly transitioned away from the compliments. He asked her to make a series of goofy faces. As Vanna is always a great sport about these kinds of things, she decided to play along.

Even though she initially tried to act like she didn’t want to make faces at the camera, Sajak implored her to. He asked the camera to “get a nice close-up of Vanna.” So Vanna then made a really goofy face.

The second face she made at the camera got to Sajak, and he cracked up. Vanna recognized that he thought it was funny, so she did it once more.

When the Wheel of Fortune co-host was done making faces, Sajak asked the viewers to “freeze-frame them and post your favorite.” Vanna laughed at this as she tried to get people not to do so.