‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Cracks Up Pat Sajak as Show Asks Fans for ‘Weird Faces’ Submission

by Will Shepard

Vanna White has been around Wheel of Fortune for a long time now. So, at the very least, she knows how to get her co-host, Pat Sajak, to laugh. Over the years, their chemistry has blossomed into an incredible partnership. They are arguably one of the best game show duos on television now, and perhaps ever.

During a segment that the two hosts were filming recently, she got Sajak to break. Vanna has talked about how she tries to get Sajak to laugh every so often. This time, Sajak almost seemed to set himself up.

Wheel of Fortune shared with its followers on social media. During the short sequence, Sajak and White stand in the middle of the stage. The host of the game show starts the video by talking about how marvelous his co-host is.

Then, he breaks away from that and asks her to make a goofy face. Of course, White doesn’t want to make the face for the camera, but Sajak insists. “Get a nice close-up of Vanna. Make a really goofy face.”

Being the amazing hostess that she is, she obliges. She begins to make the first face, and Sajak says, “okay.” White doesn’t stop there and continues to make more goofy faces to the camera. She makes one face in particular that cracks Sajak up, so she does it again.

When she is done making faces at the camera, the Wheel of Fortune host tells viewers to “freeze-frame them and post your favorite.” White, smiling, says, “No!” At this, both laugh and close out the show.

Vanna White Has Had to Deal With Some Weird Things While Hosting ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Over the many years, White has dealt with some incredible oddities surrounding the show. While she certainly has many stories of fans being too excited to see her, one story stands out above the rest.

In the nearly forty years that she has been Wheel of Fortune’s hostess, she has become incredibly popular. This translates to having an enormous fan base that loves just about everything she does. However, she doesn’t necessarily love every interaction with her adoring fans. But, then again, she does enjoy a lot of them as well.

In 2016, White had an interview with Larry King. During their conversation, the two played a game King called “If You Only Knew.” The game is fairly simple. King asks a ton of questions, and the game show hostess would answer them. One of the questions he asked her was about the funniest interaction she has had with a fan.

“Someone came up to me and asked me to sign a yardstick,” Vanna White said, smiling. To which King asked, “A yardstick?” Vanna confirmed that yes, the person came up with a yardstick. Consequently, she signed the person’s yardstick and carried on.