‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Pulls Hilarious Prank When Shes People Playing Show’s Casino Machines

by Evan Reier

Wheel of Fortune is about as “household” as a name can get. The show is firmly imprinted in popular culture in a way few others can boast.

That is thanks in part to the dynamic duo hosting it: Pat Sajak and Vanna White. The pair have graced television sets since the early 1980s and are still beloved by fans today.

So much so that Wheel of Fortune has seen all types of merchandise and franchising opportunities. One that is likely more recognizable than others is the show’s series of casino machines.

Stroll into Caesar’s Palace or the MGM Grand. It won’t take long to find the neon-backed Wheel of Fortune slot machine. On top of featuring the theme, look and sounds of the classic game show, it also features White and Sajak.

So when Al Roker of Today sat down with Vanna White, the topic had to come up. When Vanna happens to be in a casino and sees folks playing the machines, she can’t help but have some fun herself.

“When I’m walking through the casino,” White said. “I walk by those machines and people are playing, I tap them on the shoulder and I say, ‘Good luck!’ I get a kick out of it.”

Roker can’t keep himself together at the thought, and honestly, neither can we. The idea of any random gambler looking up to see Vanna herself is just classic.

Wheel of Fortune Star Vanna White Opens Up for Father’s Day

Wheel of Fortune just recently wrapped its latest season, finishing with a dad-themed week on the show. As part of the occasion, White talked about her dad in a small clip for the show’s social media accounts.

After Pat Sajak asked Vanna White about her father, Herbert, she responded by saying that he is doing well and revealed the one thing she does with him every day.

“He’s 95-years-old,” White started. “And I call him every morning to say good morning and that I love him.”

What a life. For further context, Herbert is not actually Vanna White’s biological dad. Her biological father left Vanna and her mom when she was young, and Vanna decided to take his last name.

Sajak also wishes him well in the video, saying, “we expect to talk about him when he’s 96, 97, et cetera, et cetera.”

Us too.