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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White’s Dreams Come True When She Hilariously Gives Pat Sajak a ‘Sweet Surprise’

by Chris Haney
(Ricky Middlesworth/ABC via Getty Images)

On Friday night, Wheel of Fortune‘s Instagram account shared a hilarious Flashback Friday post involving Vanna White, a pie, and Pat Sajak‘s face.

The Wheel of Fortune social media team treated fans to an amusing exchange between the two hosts. The throwback clip, which dates back to 1991, shows White and Sajak coming together at the end of an episode. Behind them, there’s a table full of food, and that’s when White reveals a longtime dream of hers.

“I have always wanted to throw a pie in somebody’s face,” White claims.

Then she adds, “Oh, what the heck,” before hitting Sajak square in the face with one. Some dreams do come true. In addition, she adds a strawberry to Sajak’s nose to top it off. The crowd roars with laughter, but the moment isn’t quite finished.

Sajak gets revenge on his co-host when he hits her with a pie of his own. The silly moment comes to an end with each of the hosts turning to the camera with their faces covered in pie, and simply telling viewers at home, “Bye Bye.”

“#FBF: Remember this sweet surprise? Watch Wheel of Fortune nightly for more Wheel Memories,” the account posted on Instagram.

Recent ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Picks Near-Perfect Bonus Round Letters

Earlier this week during the Wheel of Fortune bonus round, contestant Lei chose the perfect letters, which allowed her to easily solve the final puzzle. On Monday, Lei earned the right to move on to the final round. As host Pat Sajak revealed the final topic, Vanna White revealed five out of the 16 letters that made up the three-word answer.

The contestant went on to select “P, C, D, & O” as her three consonants and one vowel to add to the board. Before White even started turning the letters over, Sajak said, “I’m feeling good about this.”

Once White finished turning Lei’s letters over, the Wheel of Fortune contestant had only five blanks left out of 16 letters. The answer, as Lei easily guessed, was obviously “A SPECIAL OCCASION.” Lei earned an extra $38,000 for solving the bonus round. Adding her bonus prize to her total winnings, Lei took home $71,740 on Monday night. Wheel of Fortune‘s Twitter account even noted her big win.

“What an incredible night for Lei! She picked all the right letters to get this Bonus Round puzzle!” Wheel of Fortune tweeted.