‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Dress Madness is Down to the Final Four Dresses

by Jennifer Shea

The votes are in, and it’s down to two dresses for Vanna White’s best dress on “Wheel of Fortune.”

The show has conducted a poll modeled on March Madness to see which dresses advance to the finals. In the contest, “spring” and “fall” faced off while “winter” and “summer” butted heads to advance to the final selection.

With the votes now cast, “spring” beat out “fall” and “winter” triumphed over “summer.” So “spring” will battle “winter” to see who wins the championship.

Vanna White Has Worn More Than 6,500 Dresses on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

White told In Style that she’s more of a jeans, T-shirt and tennis shoes type of girl herself.

“I’m not a huge dresser-upper,” White said. “I don’t even know if I have a sequin gown in my closet.”

Nonetheless, she’s worn more than 6,500 evening gowns on “Wheel of Fortune” over the years. And they’ve run the gamut from shoulder pads to spaghetti straps.

Unfortunately, White isn’t allowed to keep the dresses. Here’s how the process runs: Designers will send over up to 50 options to the “Wheel of Fortune” stylist to choose from (no greens, as that would clash with the letters). The show films twelve episodes, six in a row, over the course of two days. And White has to put on a different dress for each show.

The shoes, however, are White’s own. She wears 5-inch heels, according to In Style.

So What Happens to All The Dresses?

The designers only loan the dresses to White to wear for one show. After they’ve been altered to fit White, the show’s stylist documents them and returns them, according to People.

White herself has developed some practical preferences about dresses over the years. She says she doesn’t like the ones that are tight and off-the-shoulder, as that makes it hard to reach the top row of letters. No full skirts – those block the letters. And no strapless gowns; White moves around too much to wear those.

“My favorite gowns are the comfortable ones, the ones that are stretchy,” White told People in 2017. “I’ve started wearing a lot more cocktail dresses and I like that too because I don’t have to worry about the hem or tripping over it in my 5-in. heels.”

White may know what she likes, but the “Wheel of Fortune” co-host still has to try on 40 to 60 dresses every two weeks. If only she could let the “Wheel of Fortune” audience pick for her, a la Vanna’s Dress Madness, her job would be a lot easier.