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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Reportedly Gives Nervous Contestants This Advice Before Show

by John Jamison
Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Picture this. You’re a contestant on Wheel of Fortune. A half-completed phrase is staring you down. You’re face to face with Pat Sajak and you’re shaking in your boots, mind running completely blank. All of a sudden, some last-minute advice pops into your head.

What was it? Bring a towel? No… buy a vowel!

It was the last thing you heard backstage before the game began. And none other than longtime “Wheel of Fortune” co-host Vanna White whispered it to you.

The Secret to Winning “Wheel of Fortune”

In a 2017 panel with Entertainment Weekly, the 38-season veteran of the wildly successful game show joined Pat Sajak to talk about the two hosts’ experiences with the show. She was kind enough to put everyone on some game by sharing her secret to success: buy vowels!

Per Entertainment Weekly, “It’s a little tip she always tells the contestants beforehand if they look nervous.” All of you future contestants out there can relax now. When in doubt, simply buy a vowel. While it’s not necessarily going to win you the game, you should never turn down the advice of someone with so many years of experience.

Funnily enough, Vanna White herself actually has a little experience being a nervous wreck as a contestant on the show, or she auditioned to be at least. Apparently, Vanna was a huge fan before “Wheel of Fortune” became a syndicated game show.

“The star loved the show so much she once even asked to audition to be a contestant,” says Entertainment Weekly. She was rejected as a contestant because evidently she was destined for much greater things.

Vanna White herself recalls, “My knees were quivering and my legs were shaking.”

See? You’re not that different from Vanna White after all. And now that you know what you’re doing up there, nothing can stop you from walking away with that expensive car you’ve always wanted or that trip to Barbados you’ve been waiting for. Just make sure you’re prepared for the game show winnings tax that comes along with it.