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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White Tries to Help Contestants ‘Telepathically’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Since Pat Sajak and Vanna White stepped onto the “Wheel of Fortune” stage together for the first time, the pair has been one of the most duos of all time.

The popular game show originally premiered in the 1970s, however, its revamp in the 1980s made the show what it is today.

With its one-of-a-kind wheel packed full of amazing prizes to the game show’s recognizable letter-board, there are very few who haven’t spent an evening trying to guess the puzzles along with the contestants.

And, according to an article in Las Vegas Magazine, the viewers aren’t the only ones who are eager to help contestants as they compete to solve the puzzle.

Vanna White Hopes Each Contestant Gets a Win

When the magazine asked the former beauty queen if she ever had the urge to shout out answers during the competition, Vanna White said she often tries to communicate telepathically.

I say it all the time in my mind,” the “Wheel of Fortune” hostess told Las Vegas Magazine.

“I try and send letters telepathically to the contestants,” the letter-turner laughed. “Especially in the bonus round!”

From vacations, to cash, and cars, the “Wheel of Fortune” wheel gives contestants the opportunity to win many exciting prizes.

Vanna White took the helm at the “Wheel of Fortune” letter board in 1982. Since joining “Wheel of Fortune,” White has become a game-show icon. Vanna White’s name has almost become synonymous with the term “game show hostess.”

Ever since her debut, Vanna White has been setting high standards for game-show hostesses everywhere. During her time on “Wheel of Fortune,” Vanna White’s duties have grown. White officially holds the title of co-host on “Wheel of Fortune.”

During the intervidew, Las Vegas Magazine asked the famous letter-turner for any tips she would be willing to share.

“Wheel of Fortune” Hostess says to ‘Always Buy a Vowel’

“For the contestants that are on our show, the best tip I can give is to buy vowels,” Vanna White suggested, adding that the “Wheel of Fortune vowels are one of the few items that have not seen a price increase over the last few decades.

“They only cost $250,” the hostess said. “The price of a vowel has not gone up! Buy vowels so you can solve the puzzle. That’s the key.”