‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Vanna White’s Home Movie Featuring a ‘Favorite’ Memory of Kids

by Will Shepard

On Mother’s Day, the U.S. and the world celebrate the hard work that all mothers do to raise their children. Many people take a moment to thank their own mothers. But it is also a day for many mothers to share memories they have about their own children. Wheel of Fortune co-host, Vanna White, took a moment to share a video of her own children.

Vanna White has worked incredibly hard to cultivate a career for herself on Wheel of Fortune. It is safe to say that she has done so excellently. Even though she has been incredibly devoted to her career as a game show host for almost 40 years, she always cherished the time she got with her children.

So, White posted a video of her interacting with her children on her social media today, May 8. Her children in the video are certainly really young.

Both of her kids, Nikko and Gigi are still in their pajamas in the video clip. But, they are really excited to show their mom the cards they made for their mother.

The video is likely filmed by their dad, George Santo Pietro. Vanna looks thrilled to get her cards from her children and walks over to the table where the cards are waiting for her.

She reads her son’s card first and is clearly touched by what her son wrote on the card. “I love you, mom. I love you, a million kisses.” The Wheel of Fortune host then shows the camera the handwriting on the card.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t include what her daughter wrote for Mother’s Day. Nonetheless, it is an incredibly sweet video. Vanna said that the video is “one of my favorite memories.”

“Wheel of Fortune” Paid Tribute to Vanna White on Mother’s Day by Sharing Two Awesome Pictures

Wheel of Fortune has gotten to call Vanna White its hostess for 38 years and counting. On Mother’s Day, the game show decided to post a touching tribute to her hard work as a mother.

So, the social media team chose two pictures of Vanna with her children. While there are definitely lots of pictures of the three together, these two are a side-by-side comparison of how they’ve grown together.

One of the pictures is from many years ago. Both of the Wheel of Fortune co-host’s children look young, although not as young as they are in the video she shared.

Then, the next picture looks like a much more recent one that the three of them took together. Next to each other, the two pictures give a little glimpse into the lives of Vanna and her children.

Wheel of Fortune said, “To @TheVannaWhite and all the moms out there: Happy #MothersDay!”