‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Once Made a Guest Appearance on ‘Full House’

by Emily Morgan

Fans of both “Wheel of Fortune” and “Full House” had their worlds collide when Vanna White appeared on the classic family sitcom. In 1994, at the height of her “Wheel of Fortune” fame, White appeared on the season seven episode titled “The Test.” In the episode, White plays both herself and D.J.’s teacher, Mrs. Moffett. “Full House” fans may recall that former child star Candace Cameron-Bure played the role of D.J.

The episode centers around D.J.’s nerves as she prepares to take the SATs in hopes of getting into Standford. That night before the test, D.J.’s best friend Kimmy watches an episode of “Wheel of Fortune.” D.J. turns off the T.V., saying she needs to study, but Kimmy thinks they can learn a lot from Vanna White

Later in the episode, D.J. has a dream in White (as herself) reveals the test results as if she was on “Wheel of Fortune.” When she inserts a test into the “Test-O-Matic,” the machine emits the iconic sound generated by the wheel. When the device returns D.J.’s test, it ends up shredded due to her getting every single question wrong. 

Vanna White’s Career Off the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Stage

However, this wasn’t the first time White made a cameo appearance in a popular T.V. show. In addition, to lighting up letters on “Wheel of Fortune,” she also starred on other popular shows. Beginning in the 1980s, she made appearances on shows at the time such as “Star of the Family,” “Gimme A Break,” “The A-Team,” “227,” Simon and Simon,” and “Santa Barbara.” While she sometimes played fictional characters, most of the time, she played her dazzling self. 

In the ’90s, as her popularity grew, so did her T.V. and movie appearances. She starred in the feature film Gypsy Angels, “Married with Children,” and “Style and Substance.” Her most recent television appearance was in 2020. She and Pat Sajak played themselves in the hit sitcom “Fresh Off The Boat.” 

However, “Wheel of Fortune” fans cannot imagine the show without White. Since the ’80s, her smiling face and positive attitude, while serving as hostess of the game show, have kept fans watching for years. However, her contract expires in 2022.

Good news for fans: White hasn’t announced that she’ll be leaving “Wheel of Fortune” any time soon. Even though it’s rumored that former “Jeopardy!” guest host Aaron Rodgers would love to take over her role.