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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Shot Down Idea That She’s Playing a Character on Show

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Steve Grayson/WireImage/Getty Images

Some people who have watched Vanna White on “Wheel of Fortune” may think she’s acting or not being herself. White says that’s not true.

“No,” White said in a 2018 interview with Believer Magazine. “I’m just myself on the show. That’s another thing I do—I am Vanna White on the show. I’m not playing a character. That is who I am.

“I was raised in the South and I believe in kindness and truth and all those things, so maybe that’s something that you’re picking up [on] when you see the camera,” White said. “I am myself. I’m not trying to portray anyone else. I am who I am.”

White Said ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Fans Consider Her One of Them

White is definitely someone who has turned her opportunity into more than simply being “on the show.” Thousands of fans send her letters and emails on a regular basis, making her a part of their lives. White has been on “Wheel of Fortune” since 1982. The North Carolina native is signed to the show through 2022.

Fans of the show, though, don’t see her as a star. They see White as one of them. Just another person watching the wheel go around and around each night.

In a 1992 interview, White talked about being a celebrity. “I never understood it, and I still don’t,” she said. “All I can guess is that it was the fans who watch and enjoy the show. They’re so loyal. The fact that Pat (show host Sajak) started introducing me at the beginning of the show helped a little bit.”

She had some ideas as to why the “Wheel of Fortune” fans relate to her.

“I’m not a movie star; I’m a television personality,” she said. “Fans see me as one of them, and I am. We’re all created equal. That’s the way I feel.”

Spelling Of Vanna White’s First Name Has Story Behind It

With nearly 40 years of hosting duties in her pocket, “Wheel of Fortune” fans are pretty much used to seeing the letter turner’s first name regularly.

Yet some of them probably want an answer to the simple question: Where did Vanna’s first name with two n’s come from?

“The name Vanna came from my grandmother’s next-door neighbor,” she told Believer Magazine. “Her name was Vana Woorell—Woorell—and she spelled her name with one nVana—so my mother liked the name so much, she said, ‘Well, I’m gonna name my daughter Vanna with two n’s.'”

She was born Vanna Rosich, but her parents divorced when she was an infant. She took her stepfather’s last name as a child, according to Mental Floss.

If you ever wanted to know where White got her first name, then there’s your story behind the name itself.