‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Previews ‘Celebrity Specials’ on Show’s Return

by Emily Morgan

Wheel of Fortune fans are in for a treat as the show returns for a new celebrity edition of the popular game show. Co-host Vanna White teased the specials in a recent interview and also gave two crucial words of advice for celebrities: “Buy vowels.” 

The new celebrity episodes will feature stars as they compete for their favorite charities. The star-studded episodes begin airing this Thursday at 7 p.m. CST on ABC. 

Vanna White Offers Advice Ahead Of Celebrity Episodes

“It’s exciting, it’s fun and the celebrities are winning tons of money for their favorite charities,” White said about the new show. She also added that there would be no difference in how the game gets played. 

“We play the game the same way,” she told TV Insider in December. White also revealed the wheel will have no prizes, meaning contestants can only win cash for their charity of choice. If the celebs thought they would have a chance at winning an all-inclusive beach vacation at a resort, they’d be disappointed. Instead of prizes, there will be four $1 million wedges on the wheel, making the stakes higher. 

Discussing her essential piece of advice, White highlights that it is critical to buy vowels. “It’s only $250!” White said. She also stated that it was a good investment for celebrities looking to win money for their charities.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune is debuting while the original, beloved version is in its 38th season. In November, ABC also picked up the show for a new season. “It is a happy place,” White said, describing the set’s upbeat atmosphere. 

“Anybody that tunes in, you can tune out anything that has been going on in your life for that week or that month and have 30 minutes of family fun. You see people win, you see people happy, you solve the puzzles at home, and you’re a part of the show. It’s just a great half-hour of escape and family time.”