‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Revealed Her Life-Long Hobby, How its Turned into Charity Work

by Quentin Blount

Wheel of Fortune star Vanna White is much more than just the glamorous co-host of one of television’s most popular game shows.

When she isn’t revealing letters on the Wheel of Fortune puzzle board, White enjoys partaking in a hobby that her grandmother instilled in her at just five years old. Long before she began co-hosting one of America’s popular television shows, Vanna White had a love for crocheting.

“When I was 5 years old my grandma taught me how to crochet,” she said. “And I put it down until I started ‘Wheel of Fortune’ 37 years ago. I just love it – it’s therapy, it’s fun, I make things – I made him an afghan.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Turned Her Passion Into Charity Work

Vanna White and her knitting passion turned into much more than she probably ever thought. The former Miss Georgia USA pageant contestant was eventually approached by Lion Brand Yarns to create her own line.

Vanna’s Yarn Family includes Vanna’s Choice, Vanna’s Glamour, and Vanna’s Pallettes, and is available at participating craft stores around the United States. However, when she first thought about the prospect of creating her own yarn company, she knew right away that she wanted to give back to the community. As a result, the Wheel of Fortune took a trip to Memphis, Tennessee, to visit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“I have my own line of yarn that came out of it,” said Vanna. “I donate proceeds to St. Judes, so I’m very happy about that.”

And although there are thousands of worthwhile charities she could have chosen, she has her own reasons for going with St. Jude’s.

“I went [there] and I saw how they don’t turn anyone away,” she said. “I have two healthy kids, which I’m so grateful for — but there’s a lot of people out there who need help, and St. Jude helps those people.”

Vanna White donates half of the proceeds from her yarn sales to St. Jude’s. To date, White and Lion Brand Yarns have donated more than $1.7 million to the hospital.

“There are many reasons why I like St. Jude,” White said in a statement on the St. Jude website. “Even though it’s huge, it has a small, hometown feel—like a happy family. Having grown up in the South, it reminds me of my roots. It’s also a first-class organization that does remarkable work.”

The Wheel of Fortune star’s mother passed away from cancer, as have other members of her family. She says that she is fortunate to have two healthy kids.

“I’m happy to do my part to help St. Jude help children get healthy.”

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