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‘Wheel of Fortune’ Star Vanna White Revealed Question About Pat Sajak That She’s Asked the Most

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Slaven Vlasic/ Getty Images)

“Wheel of Fortune” co-host Vanna White reveals the question she gets asked most about co-star Pat Sajak.

Vanna White and Pat Sajak are the dynamic duo of television game shows, becoming as much a staple on the program as the darn wheel itself. The two have been partners in crime on the Wheel of Fortune since 1982. That much time together would drive anyone mad, but not these two besties.

Vanna White once revealed that she and Pat Sajak had only been involved in one argument. The heated subject was over the go-to condiment on a hot dog. You know, the hard-hitting arguments.

However, since the two have spent countless hours, months, years, and even decades together, they are often asked about the other co-host. The “Wheel of Fortune” Covergirl and famous letter-turner also shared the most common question she is asked about Pat Sajak, although the inquiries are never in “short” supply.

The people have spoken. Is Pat Sajak actually short, or is this a case of warped camera angles, or is Vanna White just a beauty queen in heels? White spoke to the Courier-Journal in September of 2019 about the question on everyone’s mind regarding Sajak.

“A lot of people who have been watching the show for years may think Pat is very short because we used to have shorter contestants stand on boxes so they could reach the wheel to spin it,” White said. “When Pat walked over to talk to them, he looks very small in comparison, but actually, he’s 5’10”.”

Vanna White Before the ‘Wheel of Fortune’

It also doesn’t help that Vanna White is 5′ 6″. She is basically the poster child for grace and beauty. So, before her days turning letters of the “Wheel of Fortune,” White cashed in on her good looks.

After White attended college at The Atlanta School of Fashion and Design, Vanna worked several modeling jobs and was even a contestant in the Miss Georgia USA pageant in 1978. I wonder what her talent was… letter turning?

In 1979, the small-town girl headed to Los Angeles to make her childhood dreams a reality. Vanna White was featured in several movies with minor roles, but by 1982, White stuck big.

She was selected as one of three finalists to appear on the series after prior co-host Susan Stafford left. She began only one year after Pat Sajak.

Talk about a match made in heaven!

However, Pat Sajak and Vanna White’s contract ends in 2022. Will they renew for longer, or do “Wheel of Fortune” fans have only one more year with the legends before we have to say goodbye for good?

Say it isn’t so… Unless, of course, I can take over for Vanna White!