‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Reveals the ‘Sweetest’ Sentiment She Honored Her Children With in New Clip

by Chris Haney

On Saturday morning, the Wheel of Fortune Instagram account shared a clip of co-host Vanna White revealing a sentimental gift she’s passed on to each of her children.

The television icon is typically a private person when it comes to her personal life. Many fans might not know that White has two children from her first and only marriage; a boy and a girl. White was married to restaurant owner George Santo Pietro from 1989 to 2002. In the ’90s, the couple welcomed two children to their family. Their eldest son Nicholas, who goes by Nikko, was born in 1994. Additionally, three years later, the couple had daughter Giovanni (Gigi) in 1997.

While speaking with host Pat Sajak on the set of Wheel of Fortune, he brought up a longtime tradition of White’s. Sajak said he “admires” this one particular sentimental thing that White has done for her children for years.

“I’ve kept a journal for my children. And then when they turn 21 years old, I gave it to them,” White explained. “So 21 years of everything that happened in their life.”

“Not necessarily daily but just things that were important, or little things, with pictures too,” she added.

“That’s a very cool idea. You’re a very organized woman,” Sajak responded.

“Isn’t Vanna the sweetest?” Wheel of Fortune captioned their post.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Vanna White Shares Inspiring Message

While Vanna White revealed her thoughtful gift for her children recently, she also shared a motivational message for aspiring Hollywood stars back in 2019. She spoke with A Spoonful of Paolo a couple years ago, and touched on the tough days of her early career. Even though the game show host has been on TV for almost four decades, like countless others, she struggled to find work early in her career.

White opened up about moving to California to follow her dreams of making it in Hollywood. Like most starting out, the longtime Wheel of Fortune host had to start at the bottom and work her way up. She moved to Los Angeles with $1,000 and shared a cheap apartment with a friend. In addition, she bought an inexpensive used car – a Ford Pinto. If that doesn’t symbolize humble beginnings, we don’t know what does.

“I wanted to be anything in movies, on TV, anything, just whatever. Of course, I move here with $1,000 to my name. I rent an apartment with my girlfriend. First and last month’s rent was $700, and I bought a little white Pinto for $300. And I got a job,” White said of moving to L.A. to chase her dreams.

“I slept on the floor, and then I became Spring Air Mattresses spokesperson, how weird is that? So you know I just never gave up and I would tell anybody out there, go for your dream, follow your dream. Don’t give up, it can happen,” she added.