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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Rocked 5 ‘Gorgeous Dresses’ Last Week, Here’s the Fan Favorites

by Katie Maloney
Ricky Middlesworth/ABC via Getty Images

What’s the hardest puzzle on Wheel of Fortune? Trying to choose a favorite Vanna White dress.

Seriously, how can anyone actually choose a favorite Vanna White dress from Wheel of Fortune? Thankfully, Vanna narrows it down to five dresses each week instead of asking us to choose our favorite host dress ever. But, even so, choosing Vanna’s best dress each week is tough.

Nevertheless, Wheel of Fortune continues its social media dress challenge. Every week, they post photos of each of Vanna’s looks from the week. Then they ask fans to vote on which dress is their favorite.

Which dress is your favorite from this week? We’re going with look number one – show off those curves, Vanna!

How Many Dresses Has Vanna White Worn On Wheel Of Fortune?

Vanna White has been turning letters on Wheel of Fortune for almost 40 years. And for every episode, she’s worn a different dress. Every episode, a different dress! Can you guess how many dresses that is? Did you guess 3,000? Maybe double that for 6,000? Okay, stop guessing. We have the answer. It’s 7,000 gowns! Actually, it’s probably closer to 8,000 now since Vanna last revealed the total during a 2019 interview. During the interview, Vanna revealed how she prepares before each performance.

“You know, I wear a lot of strapless dresses. So before I go out, I’ll do some curls,” said Vanna. “Just to keep my arms in shape.”

So, out of those 7,000+ Wheel of Fortune gowns how many has Vanna White kept? Again, the answer is pretty shocking.

“First of all, I have worn almost 7,000 gowns – never the same one twice. And the designers send their clothes to the studio. They send like 30 or 40 at a time. We usually do 12 shows in 2 days. We choose the best 12 of the 30 or 40 they send. I wear them, and then they go back. So, I don’t get to keep them,” said a disappointed Vanna.

Zero! Vanna White has kept zero of her 7,000 Wheel of Fortune gowns. Talk about watching all your fashion dreams slip through your fingers. Well, who has room for 7,000 gowns anyway? But it would be cool if got to keep a few of her favorites.

In addition to bicep curls and dress fittings, Vanna also gets hair and makeup treatments before every episode. Can you guess how long it takes for her hair and makeup team to complete Vanna’s signature look? One hour. Vanna, stop shocking us with all these numbers! It only takes one hour to create Wheel of Fortune‘s Vanna White. Well, she’s naturally gorgeous so we’re sure it doesn’t take much to get her camera ready.

Vanna White talks about getting ready for each episode of Wheel of Fortune.