‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White Stunned in Last Week’s Dresses, Fans Sound Off on Their Favorite Look

by Emily Morgan

For nearly 50 years, “Wheel of Fortune” has become a game show fixture in millions of households, with contestants and fans spinning their own wheels to solve puzzles. You can’t mention the show without thinking of the iconic Vanna White and her dazzling dresses. Since the early ’80s, White has been keeping us watching to see what she wears next.

Speaking of dresses, the official Instagram account for “Wheel of Fortune” posted her dresses from last week’s tapings, and fans are weighing in on their favorites.

For Monday’s look, White wore a sleeveless cheetah print knee-length dress. On Tuesday, she was in full-on spring mode with a stunning floral dress. For Wednesday, White rocked viewers with a royal blue sleeveless number. White went back to a spring dress with two knee-length numbers that showed off her toned arms and figure on Thursday and Friday.

In the comments section, viewers were split when it came to their favorite piece. It seemed like many followers had different opinions on which dress they preferred. “I can’t decide between 2 and 5,” one person wrote while someone else chimed in with “The 5th one!” Another user perfectly described what everyone was thinking when they wrote, “All 5,” alongside clapping emojis.

Student’s Blunder on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Causes Hilarity Online

On Thursday, one contestant used the wrong letter for what appeared to be an obvious answer to viewers, which resulted in a tremendous amount of buzz online. During the show’s college week, “Wheel of Fortune” welcomed three college students to the set. University of Southern California student Nico Fife was one of the three contestants.

During Fife’s turn to solve, he was given the clue: “LEAVING MY LA_TO_ AT HOME.” Sadly, he suffered a loss when he incorrectly answered with the letter “F” instead of “P,” which would have resulted in the correct answer, “LEAVING MY LAPTOP AT HOME.” Despite his tragedy, he took it in stride when the internet sounded off on his hilarious misfortune.

His blunder sparked some jokes on Twitter, and even Fife got in on it, making fun of himself.

“Something tells me Nico will see a lot of Fs in his college career,” one person joked, which received a retweet from Fife himself.

Despite the jokes, Fife also received some positive attention from viewers for his appearance. “Saw the cutest person on wheel of fortune tonight…do you think I’d have a chance,” one person tweeted, which Fife also retweeted.

Fife also retweeted a user who tweeted a poll asking what was the “most anticipated event” of the night. The options were “oomf on wheel of fortune” and Taylor Swift’s re-release of “Fearless.