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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Vanna White’s Most Heartwarming Family Photos

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Christopher Willard via Getty Images

Today we are looking back at some of the best family photos posted on social media by Wheel of Fortune cover girl, Vanna White.

Although our favorite letter-turner tends to keep her personal life in the dark, she does take to her official social media pages every now and again to engage with her fans. Most of the photos she shares are of her two kids. She has a daughter, Giovana (Gigi), and a son Nicholas (Nikko).

However, for Wheel of Fortune fans who may not follow Vanna White’s Instagram page, we are here to help provide a glimpse into the star’s life at home. As a result, we are going back in time to look at three of the star’s best family snapshots in recent memory.

Nikko’s 26th Birthday

Back on June 10th of 2020, the son of Vanna White celebrated his 26th birthday. The Wheel of Fortune star took to Instagram to give a shoutout to her only son after he made it home to celebrate on his big day. The picture shows Vanna, Nikko, and Gigi all smiles while soaking in the moment.

“Happy 26th #birthday to my amazing son Nikko!” White posted on her official Instagram page. “So happy to have you home to celebrate! Love you! #motherson #familylove #birthdaycelebration #athome”

This photo from Vanna White has since put up nearly 5,ooo likes and has hundreds of comments.

One Vanna White fan simply couldn’t believe her son was already 26 years old. Instagram user jillkonduros left a message saying, “I can’t believe your little guy is 26!! Happy Birthday Nikko! Hi Vanna 🤗🙋🏻‍♀️ xoJill”

Just a couple more months and Nikko will be turning 27 before we know it.

Vanna White New Year’s Photo

The 64-year-old game show cover girl has a lot of heartwarming family posts to choose from on her page. But perhaps none were more adorable than her 2020 New Year’s picture. White posted a photo of her, Nikko, Gigi, all along with White’s longtime boyfriend, John Donaldson.

In what is simply an all-around gorgeous photo, each member of the happy family is wearing a lei around their neck consisting of pink and white flowers. The backdrop is also stunning. The group is standing in front of a huge in-ground pool with palm trees and a beautiful sunset setting behind them.

“Happy New Year from our family to yours! #2020” White captions her photo.

That photo racked up more than 6,600 likes in total.

Meanwhile, one follower left a comment saying what we were all thinking.

“What a gorgeous family photo. ❤️🌺🤙.” user haleiwamama wrote in the comments.

Hanging Out With the Kids in New York City

Our final Vanna White Instagram picture comes from the fall of 2019. The star actress and her kids spent the day sightseeing around New York City. And while we know every photo is special to Vanna White, this one is perhaps one of the most special to her.

“Hanging with my kids in the city! There’s nothing better! #familybond #love”

Fans took to the comments to express how much they couldn’t believe her kids had grown up. All in all, the 20l9 post received nearly 3,000 likes. Gawwwd, I remember when they were born. I feel so old :-(!!!”

One Instagram user, gaye_elkafreedman, wrote, “Vanna both of your kids are gorgeous. “

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