‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Go Back and Forth with Pat Sajak on What a ‘Parrotfish’ Is

by Jonathan Howard

There are lots of exciting prizes over on Wheel of Fortune from money to cars and more. One recent contestant had a hilarious back-and-forth with Pat Sajak. It took the host a bit to calm her down enough to tell her exactly what she won.

When Danielle took a spin of the wheel, there wasn’t much more to solve in the puzzle. After landing on the Express card on the wheel, she started to celebrate a bit early. Sajak asked her to calm down and call out a letter. After picking “H” there were no more consonants left.

So, with just vowels left, Danielle solved the puzzle. “Colorful Parrotfish” was the winning puzzle. Of course, she knew she had just won a trip of some kind and was eager to see where she was going.

“Where am I going?!” Danielle screamed as she clapped and jumped in her spot. Before Wheel of Fortune host, Pat Sajak could tell her she asked another question. “What’s a parrotfish?” Which, to be fair is a good question. Of course, Sajak couldn’t help but joke with the contestant.

“It’s a little like a rabbit duck,” Sajack responded. “Where do they live?” the contestant asked. Finally, Sajak said, “Most of them live in the Caribbean and that’s where you’re going.” That made Danielle lose her mind one more time before the end of the clip. Winning a vacation and learning a little bit about marine life, a pretty good day on Wheel of Fortune.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Tough Puzzles

One of the best parts of Wheel of Fortune is not just playing along at home, but watching contestants solve difficult puzzles. Last night’s episode featured a contestant named Karen had to solve quite a difficult puzzle. In the bonus round, Karen had a 10 letter, two-word puzzle.

With the usually given letters of R, S, T, L, N, E, Karen had a few more letters to choose from on her own. None of them would be found on the board. So, with just four spots filled on the puzzle, she had to solve it. With just a little thought and focus, the puzzle was clear. At least, it seemed that way. The contestant shouted “Jean Jacket” after about five seconds and WON the bonus round. What a way to win the final puzzle of the show!

When it comes to Wheel of Fortune, the excitement of winning screams and celebrations makes the show great. Whether it is a contestant getting hyped about a trip, or just happy to get a few letters on the board. Pat Sajak and Vanna White make for the best duo in TV game shows but the contestants are the best parts.