‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Become First-Ever to Win a Home, Emotionally Breaks Down

by Joe Rutland

“Wheel of Fortune” gives away some big-time prizes during the Bonus Round. One contestant, though, managed to win a new home.

Yes sir, a contestant named Laura managed to pull off the victory. Host Pat Sajak and cohost Vanna White were part of the action, too. Sajak lets Laura know there’s a car out there available to win, $100,000 to win, and yeah, even a house.

How did the whole thing go down? Here’s a clip from the “Wheel of Fortune” episode where the contestant literally wins the house. See if you can solve the puzzle before Laura does. Sajak, though, is watching her and notices she appears to have an answer ready to give ASAP.

It’s pretty cool to see something like giving away a home happen on this long-running game show. Take a look for yourself.

Now, this moment is truly one for the “Wheel of Fortune” books. Never in the show’s long-running history has a contestant won a home. Think of all the prizes offered over the years. Not one winner of a home? Well, not anymore as Laura will get her front-door keys and move on into her new place.

Iconic memories have been made on the Merv Griffin-created game show before. This one, though, will rank right up there with so many other top show moments.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host Says Vanna White Is No ‘Prima donna’

This show has had a lot of success thanks to the power of syndicated television.

Sajak is quite aware that the success of “Wheel of Fortune” isn’t all about him. He knows that people also tune in to see White turn those letters and try to solve the puzzle themselves.

In an interview with the Archive of American Television in 2007, Sajak called White a very down-to-earth, hardworking person.

People may think White is all about frilly dresses and such. Sajak shoots down that theory very quickly.

“Vanna is many things,” he said. “She is beautiful and charming and all those wonderful things. But she is as far from a prima donna as you can imagine.”

White was sitting next to Sajak in the interview. She heard the compliment but looked like she couldn’t believe it. Sajak noticed his “Wheel of Fortune” costar’s reaction.

“Just pretend like you’re not here,” Sajak told White.

“It would be very easy for someone to get their head turned by the sort of success she had,” Sajak said. “And, never did. Never took that part of it seriously.”