‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Pull Off Bonus Round Solve in Epic Friday Win

by Will Shepard

There are lots of occasions where Wheel of Fortune contestants win money on the game show. There are also plenty of times where contestants don’t get the answer and miss out on money.

This time, though, let’s focus on a story about one of the game show contestants winning in the Bonus Round. It is a unique and exciting thing to watch someone win on the show. It’s almost as exhilarating to watch someone win as it is to play. However, this author has never been on the game show, so we won’t extrapolate any further on that.

On Friday, May 28, Wheel of Fortune posted a clip of Jeanna to their Instagram page. The video that they posted takes place in the show’s Bonus Round. So, tensions are running high. Can she perform under pressure, or will she go home relatively empty-handed?

At the start of the Bonus Round, she needed to fill in 18 empty spaces. The video picks up with seven spaces already having a letter occupying the space. She had chosen “R, S, T, L, N, E.” This is all to say that there was still a lot of work left to be done.

Pat Sajak says, “Three more consonants and one more vowel.”

Jeanna carefully selects the letters that she wants. “H, K, D,” and for her vowel, she chooses, “A.” Sajak then said, “All right, let’s see what we get out of all that.”

Can a “Wheel of Fortune” Contestant Solve the Bonus Round Puzzle?

The dinging starts and then stops after the fifth blue block. Vanna White calmly walks across the board, tapping all of the blue spaces and revealing the letters. After doing so, there are still six spaces left for Jeanna to solve.

“Well, I don’t know. We’ll find out soon,” Sajak said.

“Talk it out if you don’t know it,” the Wheel of Fortune host suggests to the contestant. He reminds her of the category that she is going for, “What are you doing?” Then he tells her that she has ten seconds to solve the puzzle and offers her “good luck.”

So Jeanna gets right to work. “Taking the boulevard,” she said. The contestant already blurted out the answer before Sajak said, “On the other hand, you might already know it, in which case…”

The board lights up, signaling that it was the right answer, effectively cutting the host off mid-sentence. Jeanna cheers along with the crowd and begins to clap and laugh.

Sajak looks at the card, then looks back up at the contestant and repeats the process once more. Then, in his nonchalant way, asked her, “Do you want a car?”

After hearing this, Jeanna lets out a scream and jumps for joy. Immediately, she runs over to the car she won and hops right inside, ready to drive off.

“What a night,” Sajak says as he recaps the show’s Friday night winnings. “A couple of trips, a car, cash, $63,925.” With the video, Wheel of Fortune said, “Jeana can now take the boulevard with her NEW CAR!”