‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Crush Puzzle for Massive Cash Prize in New Episode

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

People go on game shows with high hopes of winning a lot of money. For some, this dream becomes a reality. On a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune, one contestant got to see his goals play out in real-time.

During the episode, the contestant, Devin, won a ton of money. In the “Bonus Round” round of the legendary game show, he got to work. When the round started, Sajak pointed out that he was only $100 short of $17,000 being in his bank account.

To begin, the Wheel of Fortune host held up the wild card that Devin had selected and brought over. The card was going to earn him an extra consonant. After explaining that to the contestant, Sajak asked him to spin the wheel. So, Devin obliged the host and spun the game show’s wheel.

“Now, three more consonants. One more vowel. Start with that,” Sajak told the contestant who was fighting for more money. In response, Devin chose the letters “C,” “D,” “M,” and “I.” Then, utilizing the wild card, the Wheel of Fortune contestant chose the letter “P” as his final consonant.

“Well, the ‘P’ is in the puzzle, so that’s a good thing,” Sajak said after Devin chose his letters. Only two letters showed on the board after his guess. Sajak asked the audience not to say anything while he worked to solve the puzzle.

A “Wheel of Fortune” Contestant Got to Take Home a Massive Prize Thanks to the Bonus Round

There were still five open spaces left for Devin to have to figure out. Sajak questioned, “Can he figure this out with what he’s got?” So, with ten seconds on the clock with which to work, Devin’s gears began turning.

He only needed one second. Almost immediately, he solved the puzzle, saying, “Down the path.” Sajak laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s enough.”

With the audience cheering for him, the Wheel of Fortune host opened the winner’s card. As he did so, Sajak said, “Oh, looky there!” Devin, of course, went crazy with the news that he was going about to be $45,000 richer.

The show tweeted out the moment and said, “$45,000! Watch Devin win BIG MONEY in the Bonus Round!” Undoubtedly the “P” he guessed with the wild card helped save his bonus round. Consequently, Devin got to go home with $61,900 in cash.

That is certainly an awesome prize for working so hard to solve the puzzle. It is moments like these that keep Wheel of Fortune at the top of the game show world.

While there may not be an expectation of winning big money on the show, the possibility is always there. Devin is a great example of this theory paying off in spades. It looked like he was having a great time on the show.