‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Hilariously Flub ‘Snow White’ Themed Puzzle in 2015

by John Jamison

“Wheel of Fortune” gives contestants opportunities to create legendary moments. But with all of that upside comes the potential of some pretty embarrassing stuff as well. And a contestant got acquainted with the latter when she failed to name Snow White’s Seven Dwarfs correctly in 2015.

She was one letter away from winning the game when she messed up the elusive name of “Sneezy.” Most of us are familiar with the 1937 Disney classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” And being fair to the contestant, it had been nearly 80 years since the movie first came out. That’s plenty of time to mix up one of seven names. But she probably could have used some context clues to eliminate the answer she ended up going with.

The puzzle category was “Characters,” and the answer was very obviously the Seven Dwarfs. It was just a matter of getting them all right.

Unfortunately for the contestant, she went with a “K” instead of a “Z.” Now, as a fictional character, the dwarf’s name didn’t have to abide by the proper spelling of “Sneaky,” so it’s not an outrageous guess. But one can’t help but wonder if the contestant just took a moment to gather her thoughts, would she have won this “Wheel of Fortune” episode? It’s possible.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Basically Handed the Game to Her Competitor

Instead, the 98% completed puzzle got sent over to fellow contestant Jordan, who couldn’t believe his luck. He immediately told Pat Sajak that he wanted to solve the puzzle.

“Well, please, do it properly,” Sajak said to him. And Jordan wasn’t messing around. He filled in the names correctly. He even paused before “Sneezy,” confirming that he had the right answer in mind before saying it aloud.

It was a tough loss for our contestant. But it’s also easy to pass judgment while sitting in a chair, typing away at a keyboard. It’s hard to know how any of us would perform on even the simplest of puzzles when considering the pressure of the situation. These contestants are dealing with TV cameras, a live studio audience, and Pat Sajak waiting for an answer on bated breath.

In fact, many contestants cite that pressure following their seemingly impossible fails. We have no comment from this particular contestant, but needless to say, she was kicking herself after that performance.