‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Hilariously Ignore Pat Sajak While She Solves Puzzle

by John Jamison

Pat Sajak? Never heard of him,” is a thought that may have been running through “Wheel of Fortune” contestant Theresa’s head when she was solving her puzzle.

She was absolutely locked in after she spun an express wedge, which gave her $1,000 for each consonant she guessed. The catch? If she got a letter wrong, she’d have gone bankrupt. So back off, Pat. We know you have to host. But when Theresa is in her zone, don’t mess with her.

The category was “Phrase.” And after the first letter was revealed, Theresa decided to take her chances and play the express wedge out.

“It’s very early. I don’t know, it’s up to you. What do you think?” Sajak asked, testing Theresa’s will.

It’s early. I want to do it,” She responded, opting for the risky play.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Was on a Roll

And boy, did she make the right decision. She started by buying an “A.” Fortunately, the phrase had four of them, and it opened up some other ideas. Instead of jumping right into it, Theresa decided to spend her money and buy another vowel. It was another strong decision, as her choice of “E” effectively gave her a few consonants she could count on.

From there, Theresa was a freight train. Nothing was going to stop her from calling out every single letter of the phrase. Even when the “Wheel of Fortune” host told her she didn’t have to buy another vowel, Theresa pressed on.

“She doesn’t care what I’m saying,” said Sajak, as Theresa tuned him out entirely. “I could be reading a book now. Yeah, she’s so focused it really doesn’t matter. I could be doing a pilot for another show. She doesn’t care.”

It’s nothing personal, Pat. She just has money on her mind. Eventually, however, Pat demanded that she read the puzzle out. And the answer was a fitting phrase indeed.

“We are having a blast!” Theresa yelled, saying the completed phrase in its entirety.

“Hi, it’s Pat. I’m the host. You’re going to Mexico!” Sajak said, finally getting her full attention. In addition to the $9,000 she racked up from guessing all of the consonants, Theresa won herself a trip to Mexico. Not bad for a few minutes of work. And all she had to do to get there was ignore the longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host entirely.

Congrats, Theresa. We respect your focus.