‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Nail Final Phrase, Ecstatically Win $100,000

by Will Shepard

Ahh, is there anything better than a game show dream being fulfilled? There are probably few things in life that would compare to winning a ton of money on a game show. This week, someone on Wheel of Fortune won a fortune, pun intended.

On this week’s episode, a Wheel of Fortune contestant got to experience the phenomenon of winning. Scott, one of the players, was doing well enough to get to the bonus round.

The Wheel of Fortune contestant was able to solve the phrase and win a staggering $100,000 prize. That is certainly not a small amount of money. Perhaps the best part of the whole thing is how excited he is about winning.

Scott Wins $100,000 While Playing “Wheel of Fortune”

Scott, in the “Bonus Round,” got to work solving the word puzzle immediately. The question he is solving is, “What are you wearing?” He chooses P, H, G, and O as the letters to potentially go up on the board.

He gets five of the letters on the board. He is certainly excited about getting so many letters correct. Even Pat Sajak is impressed with his problem-solving. Consequently, he gets ten seconds to solve the remaining letters and guess the phrase Wheel of Fortune is going for.

Scott uses essentially no time to solve the phrase, saying “flowing white gown.” Pat tells him that he is indeed correct, and he immediately begins celebrating.

After Wheel of Fortune shared the tweet that Scott won the $100,000 prize, they followed it up with another tweet. In the tweet, they tell viewers of the show what he plans on doing with the money.

“Scott has pledged to donate all of his winnings to Uplift Family Services and L.A. Regional Food Bank! Way to give back! What a generous gesture! Such good fortune all the way around.”

As the Wheel of Fortune account says, it certainly an awesome gesture. Donating that amount of money will help positively impact a lot of people’s lives. So, good on Scott for doing such an awesome thing with his winnings.