‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Nail Puzzle After Listing Off a Ton of Correct Letters

by Jonathan Howard

Watching Wheel of Fortune is an American pastime. Families have been gathering around the television to watch and play at home. Seeing contestants win prize puzzles, money, trips, and more is a lot of fun. The drama of a poorly timed bankrupt makes for a healthy level of suspense too.

One of the most suspenseful moments in the gameshow happens in the bonus round. When a contestant has made it all the way to the end, it can be ultimate joy or a pit of disappointment. In a recent episode, the winning contestant made the bonus round look like child’s play. With a strategic set of chosen letters, Kiariie ran through the puzzle.

As she prepared for the last puzzle, the category was “Phrase”. As always, she got the letters R-S-T-L-N-E. Those were rather helpful letters and put up six spaces on the three-word, nineteen-letter puzzle. With a little time looking at the board, she chose her three consonants and a vowel. She just so happened to choose A, B, C, D. As the letters popped up on the board, it looked like things were going her way.

So, as the board settled and Vanna White walked away, it became obvious what the phrase was. Kiariie smiled, turned towards the puzzle, and proudly declared, “Based On Availability”. Before she had to solve, she had filled up the entire first word. Pat Sajak knew that she had it solved and gave her a bit of encouragement to fill in the blanks. By the time it was over she was sitting in her brand new Chevy Equinox.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Prize Puzzles

Over the last week, Wheel of Fortune has had some great finishes on the bonus round. There have also been some great contestants that have charmed their way into the hearts of America. Kiariie was just the latest example with her fantastic bonus round. There aren’t many times when a contestant takes down the final round so quickly.

Earlier in the week, Sheldon captured the audience with his small celebrations and dances. Over the course of the game, he celebrated more and more. That culminated in him blowing through an Express round. That is when contestants hit the Express card on the wheel. It makes them choose one of two options. Guess a letter like normal and move on after, or take a gamble. They can take the Express and have to list off letters until they can solve the puzzle. Each letter correct is $1000. If they guess wrong, they bankrupt.

It wasn’t a thing for Sheldon who went through the round and left dancing and celebrating to the delight of Pat Sajak and everyone watching. That’s why people keep tuning in after all these years. Wheel of Fortune just keeps entertaining. Also, who doesn’t want to be on the show winning puzzles and prizes? It just looks like so much fun.