‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Rack Up Huge Dollar Amount, Win Mexico Trip in Express Round

by Chris Haney

On Thursday night, Wheel of Fortune contestant Krystal took the Express train and it paid off with a free getaway vacation to Mexico.

Krystal spun the wheel and landed on the Express Train, which gives you a whopping $1,000 per correct letter guessed. The Express wedge seems like the perfect slot to land on, but it does come with a catch. If contestants choose the right letter, they have a decision to make.

Krystal could continue to play without interruption and rack up as many $1,000 letters as the board would allow. However, if she guessed an incorrect letter, she’d go bankrupt and lose all her earnings. Without hesitation, Krystal chose to play on.

The Wheel of Fortune contestant was working with a two-word puzzle in the “EVENT” category. She originally added a “D” before choosing to play on. She followed that up by picking a “T.” The Express train kept rolling along as she picked an “N” and hostess Vanna White turned them over on the game board. Additionally, Krystal chose a “C, X, and V” and got one correct letter each.

However, at this point, the eight blank boxes left were all vowels. It didn’t matter. Krystal knew the answer as she solved the puzzle saying, “EXTRAORDINARY VACATION.”

Before Krystal took the Express train, she banked just $650. By the time she was done solving the puzzle, her earnings had skyrocketed to $8,650. To sweeten the deal even more, Wheel of Fortune gave Krystal a trip to Mexico after completing the Express round.

“Krystal hops on the Express Wedge and punches her ticket to Mexico!” the game show’s Twitter account shared.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Kelly Crushes Express Round

To celebrate Wheel of Fortune‘s Christmas in July giveaway, the game show shared a clip from the 2020 holiday season. The holiday-themed set had evergreen trees, oversized ornaments, presents, candy canes, and even some snowflakes. In fact, if it wasn’t for the game show’s famous wheel, one could mistake it for the set of The Nutcracker ballet.

As the clip begins, contestant Kelly Cheresnick landed on the Express wedge as the train sounds played in the background. She selected an “M” and guessed correctly, as Vanna White turned over three of the letters. Kelly earned $3,000 from the guess. But she had a big choice to make like we mentioned earlier. Does she risk her $3,000 against possible bankruptcy? Or does she quit while she’s ahead? Of course, Kelly played on.

As Kelly continued to play, she quickly increased her bank total. She was trying to guess a six-word puzzle in the “Phrase” category. She selected a “Y, V, N, G, and Z.” After selecting the letters, she had six vowels left blank, but she knew the answer.

“YOU’LL HAVE THE MOST AMAZING TIME,” Kelly answered as host Pat Sajak her answer as correct. In addition, Kelly also won a trip to Mexico for her efforts.