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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Solve Bonus Round Puzzle Despite Missing 11 Letters

by John Jamison
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

“Wheel of Fortune” is where legends are made. Contestants must rise to the task of solving the bonus round puzzle. And they are rewarded with prizes beyond their wildest dreams if they can withstand the pressure. Kim, a contestant on a recent episode of the game, proved she had what it took to come out on top. Despite the odds being stacked against her.

After an impressive showing at the beginning of the game, she earned herself a shot at the bonus round. And she seized the moment. She was staring down the barrel of 11 missing letters from her puzzle. She looked shocked as anyone when she landed on the right answer, though.

Kim was faced with a three-word phrase, with only four letters provided to her. She went with “M,” “C,” “D,” and “A” as her letter selections. Only two of her selections helped fill out the puzzle, however. And she had a tough task ahead of her on “Wheel of Fortune.

“Well, not a lot of help. This looks difficult. You know what, there’s a used letter board, maybe that could help you. Phrase is the category. You have 10 seconds. Do your best with that, and good luck,” Pat Sajak said.

It didn’t take her long. After just a few seconds mulling it over, Kim was ready with an answer.

“Dabble in photography?” She questioned. Then Pat Sajak asked for her to repeat it.

“Say it again,” the longtime “Wheel of Fortune” host said.

She said it more confidently the second time. Once again, Sajak asked her to repeat the answer. She did.

“I just like the way you said it. And you got yourself a car,” the “Wheel of Fortune” host finished as he revealed the prize inside the bonus round envelope.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Earns a Brand New Car

Kim could barely believe Pat Sajak when he told her she won. The puzzle solving was just as surprising to her as it was to the audience. It was an impressive find, considering the sheer amount of missing letters. The result of her hard work, though?

A brand new car. Not just any car, however. Kim went home with a Ford Escape Hybrid. She looked ecstatic as she ran over to the vehicle. In true “Wheel of Fortune” fashion, she hopped into the passenger side and waved. When it was all said and done, Kim finished her game with a total value of $57,411 to her name.