‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Tell Husband She Won a Home on the Show

by Will Shepard

Wheel of Fortune recently saw a contestant win a home. Yet again, the Bonus Round on the show gave out a massive prize. Moreover, it was the first time that the show has had this happen. It is an incredibly impressive prize.

The Wheel of Fortune hosts – Pat Sajak and Vanna White – actually helped Laura win the house. Sajak told Laura that there was a car, $100,000, and a house available to be won. So the excitement was palpable as she began the Bonus Round.

Wheel of Fortune posted a video of the woman solving the phrase, and it was awesome. As Pat Sajak announced that she won the home, Laura’s excitement was uncontainable, and rightfully so. Winning a home on the show is arguably the coolest prize ever given out.

Afterward, she got to tell her husband that she won a house. The moment is priceless and will be something that she won’t forget anytime soon. Undoubtedly it was a life-changing moment for Laura. The show shared a video of the moment that Laura told her husband about her big win.

Wheel of Fortune said, “Who would be the first person you’d call if you won a new home? Watch Wheel nightly through April 30 for your chance to win a home, like Laura!”

As she tells her husband, she can hardly say anything other than that she won a house. Both she and her husband are in disbelief. It is a pure moment of utter joy and happiness.

“Wheel of Fortune” Announced In a Hilarious Way That They Were Giving Away a House

Wheel of Fortune remains one of the top game shows for a reason. A few days ago, the show shared a hilarious video of Pat Sajak doing his best Wizard of Oz impression. The video surely ranks in the annals of his work.

The iconic host of Wheel of Fortune did his Dorothy impression to announce a giveaway. Sajak stood in the middle of the stage and began clicking his heels together. As he did so, he kept repeating, “There’s no place like home.”

Even though his version was not as good as Dorothy’s, it made for a hilarious skit. Vanna White came out to tell him that he was being ridiculous. As Wheel of Fortune shared the video, they announced the giveaway.

“There’s no giveaway like Home Sweet Home, premiering TONIGHT!” Wheel of Fortune continued, “All this week, watch Wheel for your chance to win a new home in a Latitude Margaritaville community by Minto! Enter at the link in our bio.”

This is not the end of the housing giveaway. There are more available to be won, just as Laura was fortunate enough to do.