‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestant Turn Just a Few Letters into Exotic Tropical Trip

by Keeli Parkey

Winning big is the hope of every contestant who makes an appearance on the long-running game show “Wheel of Fortune.”

Fortunately for one recent contestant, her dreams of winning it big came true! The show shared her success with fans via its official Twitter account.

That contestant is a woman named Tammy. Luckily for her, Tammy landed on the “Wheel of Fortune” Express Wedge during her appearance on the show. This wedge allowed Tammy to guess multiple letters. However, Tammy only needed to guess one letter in order to solve the puzzle.

Contestant Tammy guessed the letter “D” on the puzzle. After doing so, the show’s famous board looked like this: “EXCELLENT S_N_AT_ING CONDITIONS.”

Tammy then decided to buy a vowel. She first selected a “U.” She then earned another $1,000 by selecting a “B.” And, unsurprisingly, she next selected an “H.”

This left her with a very easy solution. All she had to do was correctly read, “EXCELLENT SUNBATHING CONDITIONS.” And, also unsurprisingly, Tammy successfully solved this puzzle.

Thanks to her luck on “Wheel of Fortune,” contestant Tammy earned the chance to experience “EXCELLENT SUNBATHING CONDITIONS” for herself. By solving this puzzle Tammy earned a tropical trip.

After she read the solution, “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak quickly added, “Like you’ll find on the island of Saint Lucia, which is where you’re going.”

And, like pretty much all of us would be, Tammy was very excited to hear that news! You can watch “Wheel of Fortune” contestant Tammy successfully turn a few letters on the game show into a very fun tropical vacation below.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Social Media Shares Many Funny Moments With Fans

“Wheel of Fortune” frequently shares entertaining and humorous moments from the long-running game show. So, in addition to Tammy winning a tropical vacation during her appearance on the show, you can also watch its hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White share funny exchanges with one another.

For example, in one exchange from early 2021 Sajak and White discuss what their names would be if they ever decided to become professional wrestlers. That’s probably never going to happen, obviously, but it is still a very humorous image to have in your head.

During their discussion, Pat Sajak offered up a pretty much perfect professional wrestler name for his co-host Vanna White. That name was “Vowel Vixen.” That’s just perfect, right?

Unsurprisingly, Vanna White was a fan of her professional wrestling name proposed by Sajak. “Ooh. That’s a good one. Yeah. I’m good with that,” White also said.

Sajak, unfortunately, did not have such a clever professional wrestler name cued up for himself.

“I would be named ‘Eddie,’ probably. Maybe ‘Larry.’ That’s about it. I’m not very dynamic in the ring,” Sajak also said.

Fortunately, fans of “Wheel of Fortune” came to Sajak’s rescue on Instagram. They offered up such names for him as Pat the Punisher, Magic Sajak, and Hijack Sajak.