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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Contestants, Pat Sajak Get a ‘Little Confusing’ in Hilarious Introduction

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images)

Watch as Pat Sajak handles an engagement conundrum that comes out of nowhere like the true “Wheel of Fortune” legend he is.

“Things got confusing during today’s show…” the official “Wheel of Fortune” account tweets Friday. You can say that again! While “Fortune” is typically exciting enough on its own, there’s always room for a bit more pizazz. And that’s exactly what Friday’s episode has, even in its entry moments.

“Wheel of Fortune” fans know and love the opening segment in which Pat Sajak interviews the night’s contestants. It’s a staple of the franchise, much like the many years Alex Trebek did the same for “Jeopardy!,” and that guest hosts continue in his tragic absence.

Starting off the night, Pat asks his middle contestant, Elizabeth: “You are engaged, right?”

Easy enough banter, yes? Excitedly (and that’s an understatement), Elizabeth reveals “Yes! Just last month my amazing fiance, Tyler, popped the question!” she lauds, shining her ring to the audience.

This would be, as Elizabeth expected, a perfect time for the audience to cheer. But that… doesn’t happen.

Instead, “Wheel of Fortune”s ever-kind host saves the day with an “Oh, good! and you said something like yes?”

Elizabeth proves her excitement (again, understatement) again with a resounding “oh yeah!” before Sajak quips “just thought I’d check!”

Now if all of this sounds like pointless jabber to recount, hold on to your wheels and fortunes. Once Pat moves on to his final contestant, Casey Carrillo, things get interesting.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Engagements Get Out of Hand

“Speaking of engagements, you’re engaged!” Sajak lauds. Carrillo, a California native, feels the opposite of Elizabeth. Poised, calm, and collected. Not that the latter’s excitement is unwarranted; the world needs more happy people! It’s just… You’ll see.

“I am,” Casey replies to Pat’s engagement inquiry.

“Not to each other?” Pat asks.

“No, no. She’s not that lucky, sorry,” Casey fires back. Burn!

Now the audience is laughing. Roaring, in fact. And Pat Sajak is so taken aback with Casey’s come-uppance that he steps back in wild laughter himself.

“See, the players bond out here,” Sajak smiles to the “Wheel of Fortune” audience. Handled like a true pro.

So, just to clear the air, Elizabeth and Casey are, in fact, engaged. Just not to one another.

As for said laughs, Sajak is thrilled to have them back, and live audiences are thrilled to be able to return to “Fortune.” During the worst throes of the pandemic, the host told Entertainment Weekly “I would lie to you if I wouldn’t say it’s mildly depressing for us backstage, because you’ve got people running around in masks and hazmat outfits… And human contact isn’t there, and there’s no audience, so it’s a different atmosphere.”

Thanks for this “Wheel of Fortune!” gem, Twitter! Feels good to get back to some semblance of normal in 2021, doesn’t it?