‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Jimmy Buffett Surprise Pat Sajak, Vanna White at 2018 Margaritaville Home Giveaway

by John Jamison

On Tuesday, a California woman won a home worth $375,000 on “Wheel of Fortune.” But worry not home seekers, the Home Sweet Home giveaway is active on the show’s website through April 30. That’s right. You still have a chance to win a brand new place at Latitude Margaritaville.

In honor of Laura Trammel’s bonus round victory on the show, let’s go back to the time Jimmy Buffet himself surprised a past giveaway winner.

In 2018, Michael won a Margaritaville home through the “Wheel of Fortune” giveaway. And a pretty special surprise guest made an appearance to congratulate the big winner. Jimmy Buffet, the legendary beach-loving musician, is the pioneer behind the Latitude Margaritaville communities. Pat and Vanna were delighted to see him.

Jimmy Buffet Stuns Lucky Home Winner

“I hope he doesn’t freak out,” Jimmy told Pat and Vanna.

“I’m freaking out, what do you mean?” Vanna joked. Then the whole “Wheel of Fortune” crew headed out to Michael’s new home.

“Hi, I’m Michael and I’m the winner of the Home Sweet Home giveaway. I saw the sweepstakes on the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ website and decided, hell, that’d be an interesting thing to win for sure,” Michael said.

And win he did. But Michael almost missed out on his newfound fortune. Like many of us, he doesn’t always answer the phone for unavailable numbers. So when “Wheel of Fortune” came calling with a new house, Michael couldn’t be reached. Thankfully, they kept trying him and he eventually picked up.

Everything was already too good to be true for Michael. But then, all of a sudden, Pat Sajak gestured towards the house.

“Would the house sitter come out here?” Sajak said. “A fella named Jimmy Buffet has been watching your house.” Michael was stunned as Jimmy sauntered out.

“Hey, Mike. I was just making sure everything is okay, there’s booze in the blender and everything,” Buffet said, in true Jimmy Buffet fashion.

This Week’s ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Home Winner

Laura Trammel won her Latitude Margaritaville home the hard way. She figured out the phrase “I caught a glimpse” in a bonus round of “Wheel of Fortune.”

Pat Sajak opened up the envelope to reveal Laura’s prize. Her total cash and prize winnings came out to $398,690.

“I am beyond excited. I’m still in shock,” Laura told Pat when he asked her how she was feeling.