‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Maggie and Pat Hilariously Play Telephone with ‘Santa’ in New Video

by Amy Myers

For Wheel of Fortune team members Pat and Maggie Sajak, summertime means sunshine, tan lines, and, yes, Santa Claus. If you didn’t already know, the letter-turning game show is featuring a Christmas in July giveaway. Though normally held during the typical holiday season, the Sajaks and their team wanted to give Wheel watchers a second chance to win awesome prizes and lots of cash. As with the original holiday giveaway, the show awards the same prizes that contestants win to a few, selected fans.

At the end of June, Wheel of Fortune fans could enter the sweepstakes by joining the Wheel Watcher Club online. The show began announcing its winners yesterday and will continue through July 23. In order to celebrate and advertise the sweepstakes, host Pat Sajak and his daughter, the show’s online media correspondent, Maggie Sajak, have been all over social media.

In their most recent post together, the father-daughter duo created a cute clip of them playing telephone with a ceramic Santa Claus.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Father and Daughter Make a Cute and Hilarious Duo

“It’s Summer Secret Santa on ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ Pass it on,” Maggie Sajak told her father. Pat Sajak passed the message to the jolly ole decoration, who stood there silently.

“It’s so hard to get people to work in their off-season,” Maggie joked before insisting the trio try the game again.

This time, when the message reaches Santa, a high-pitched voice repeats the message. But Maggie was too wise for her dad’s tricks.

“That was you, Dad,” Maggie said.

Pat Sajak, still in a high-pitched voice, responded before clearing his throat. “No it wasn’t,” he denied.

The gag has Wheel of Fortune fans from everywhere laughing at their corny-yet-cute antics.

“Pat does a great cartoon voice,” one Instagram user said.

“You guys are having too much fun with this ! Very cute,” another commented.

Pat Sajak Never Misses the Opportunity For a Joke

Even when the show isn’t celebrating Christmas in 80-degree weather, host of Wheel of Fortune Pat Sajak is always ready with a joke.

In another clip shared on the game show’s Instagram, letter-turner Vanna White joins Sajak for one of their famous, end-of-show chats as the credits roll. In this instance, Sajak mentioned an owl that inhabited White’s neighborhood.

“There’s one in my neighborhood that’s been around for years,” White shared. “I wonder how long they live.”

Ever the jokester, Sajak answered without skipping a beat, “About 32 and a half years.”

He said the joke with such sincerity that White mistook it as a fact.

“He’s going to be around for a while,” White exclaimed as Sajak shrugged to the audience.

“Yes, that’s right,” Sajak said, still playing along. The two Wheel of Fortune icons sign off, and Sajak hoots as the show ends.