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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch NFL Legend Drew Brees Get Terrible Luck as a 2003 Contestant

by John Jamison
(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Drew Brees retired from football this year, but only after setting the record for most career passing yards ever at 80,358. The legendary quarterback clearly didn’t need much luck during the 20 years he spent playing in the NFL. Back in 2003, however, he appeared on “Wheel of Fortune” and went bankrupt.

On an episode of NFL Players week, football stars Jeff Garcia, Shaun Alexander, and Drew Brees partnered up with regular contestants and played for charity.

It was Drew Brees’ first few years in the NFL and the “Wheel of Fortune” host told him he was off to a great start. “Looks like that team has some good years ahead of it,” Sajak said.

“Finding my way around,” Brees answered before talking about his charities.

“Actually I’m playing for two charities today,” Brees said. “The first is Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, which raises money to provide free reconstructive surgery for children with physical deformities due to birth defects, accidents, abuse, disease, that sort of thing. Also, the San Diego Hospice which treats terminally ill children, infants, and adults and trains the medical personnel to treat them.”

Brees was still playing for the San Diego Chargers at the time. He and his partner Julie ran up their score to $6,550 before they spun a mystery wedge. Instead of taking the $500, the duo opted to take their chances on the mystery.

Heartbreakingly, the mystery revealed a bankrupt card and the pair lost all of their winnings. That’s just how “Wheel of Fortune” goes sometimes.

Drew Brees and Julie Redeem Themselves on ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Unlucky as the bankruptcy was, Drew Brees and his partner made up for it in a major way. In a “phrase” category puzzle round, Julie earned back 12,000 dollars by guessing two letters in “coming attractions.” Solving the puzzle won them the game and sent them to the bonus round. After spinning the bonus wheel, Sajak sent them to the board.

Julie came through again and was able to figure out “stamp of approval,” winning the contents of Pat Sajak’s envelope. It added an additional $25,000 to their overall earnings, meaning Drew got $37,000 for charity, and Julie got to take that same amount home with her.