‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Pat Sajak Fail to Keep It Together After Contestant’s Hilarious Balding Joke

by Madison Miller

With constantly entertaining contestants on “Wheel of Fortune,” there’s only so much Pat Sajak has to do to keep the show lively and funny.

In fact, one contestant’s subtle joke left Sajak feeling lost trying to respond. It all had to do with a self-deprecating joke about something the contestant was missing himself.

The answer to a puzzle was “brushing my hair.” Nick, the contestant, then starts pretending to brush his hair. However, he happens to be balding with a receding hairline. He just stares at the camera as he makes fun of himself in front of millions of viewers at home.

In response, he gets a chuckle from everyone on the stage. Sajak’s laughter lasts a little bit longer and it even seems like he’s about to add something, but just chuckles again and moves on. The irony on stage was insurmountable.

Nick answers the next puzzle correctly as well, “powdering my nose.”

Sajak tells him, “Okay, do that now.” The contestant proceeds to pretend to do that as well. Nick ended up the winner on the show last night. He walked away with $80,500 after the bonus round got him $38,000. He went to the bonus round with the house wedge, however, in order to get the house prize a contestant has to land on that wedge when they spin the bonus wheel.

While he may have joked about a receding hairline, Nick’s final winnings are anything but sparse.

It’s a solid reminder that shows like “Wheel of Fortune” are only as good and entertaining as the contestants they choose. While Pat Sajak and Vanna White have had plenty of hilarious moments, new contestants make the show exciting and entertaining.

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Home Giveaway

“Wheel of Fortune” first debuted in 1975 and Pat Sajak has been the host since 1983.

Along the way, contestants have gotten some pretty epic prizes. From massive sums of money to dream vacations to brand new cars, “Wheel of Fortune” has offered some pretty elaborate gifts. There have been a few contestants that have walked away with over $1 million as well.

A recent teacher from California, Laura Trammell, earned a never-before-seen prize on the game show. She walked away with a house by the end of the night. It was such a high-energy celebration, filled with blasts of confetti, that Vanna White almost lost an eye to a stray chunk of colored confetti.

She won $398,690 from the show with the house factored into her previous earnings. It was part of the “Home Sweet Home Giveaway” week that ended on April 30. The house is in Latitude Margaritaville. The show partnered with Minto Communities and Margaritaville for the opportunity.

After contestants and viewers had a wild reaction to the new prize, perhaps “Wheel of Fortune” will continue to factor in unique prizes to keep things interesting.