‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Pat Sajak Hilariously Comment on How Many Puzzles Were Done in New Episode

by Jennifer Shea

Pat Sajak is always quick with the quips, and recent episodes of “Wheel of Fortune” were no exception.

On Tuesday evening, the “Wheel of Fortune” Twitter account released a clip of Sajak commenting on how many puzzles they plowed through in a single episode of the show.

“And you know what, we have time for another puzzle. Where are these all coming from here?” a slightly bewildered Sajak wondered. And then: “Oh, are we finally running out of time? I’m gonna step in here. I thought the clock had broken.”

‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant Donates $145,000 Winnings to Charity

Some contestants have been making the most of the games they did get to play. Earlier this month, “Wheel of Fortune” champion Scott Kolbrenner won $45,000 during regular play and a $100,000 prize in the bonus round. And he donated it all to Uplift Family Services and the L.A. Regional Food Bank.

The financial advisor, who hails from Encino, California, reportedly serves on the board of directors for Uplift Family Services at Hollygrove, a social services community outreach program in the Los Angeles area.

“Hollygrove is a wonderful place,” Kolbrenner said, according to Yahoo! Entertainment. “It’s dedicated to helping kids excel and grow. And their families as well — mental health and other services for them.”

Kolbrenner spun the wheel as Sajak, eyes ever on the clock, warned him they were running late. Then Kolbrenner correctly guessed the answer, “flowing white gown,” for the $100,000 bonus round win. The contestant threw his arms in the air triumphantly and cheered.

But now it looks like the food bank and Uplift will be cheering as they accept Kolbrenner’s generous donations.

Pat Sajak Reveals His Favorite Location to Shoot

“Wheel of Fortune” has often hit the road to tape from various locations across the country. And in a 2014 interview, Sajak revealed that Hawaii is his favorite place to shoot.

“I eat and sit in the sun, and then I get up and eat some more,” Sajak told Pacific Business News. “Then I get something to drink. Then I go to sleep. Today (Wednesday) we got up and took a little walk, got a little exercise in, then sat out in the sun.”

Sajak said he goes to Hawaii to relax whenever he’s not working. And they tape five shows in a row, so that tends to wear him out. White, for her part, said it is “always fun” to take a brief trip there.

“We’ll be back,” Sajak said.