‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Pat Sajak Make Sly Gesture Towards Vanna White as Contestant Reveals Plot of Rom-Com

by Anna Dunn

Pat Sajak recently joked around on Wheel Of Fortune after one contestant revealed the plot of his romantic novel.

“It’s a rom-com about two coworkers who don’t like each other at the beginning and moreso at the end,” the contestant said. In response, Sajak tried to gesture to his own co-worker, Vanna White. The two get repeatedly asked if they ever had a “thing.”

White has Described Her Relationship With Pat Sajak ‘Like Brother and Sister’

The two are undeniably close. It’s clear they are friends. White told Closer Weekly in 2019 said “people at home see the chemistry between Pat and me,” but they get the type of chemistry between the Wheel of Fortune hosts wrong. “We are like brother and sister, and I think that is what makes it work.”

It doesn’t mean they can’t joke around about all the speculation that’s come their way over the years.

According to Sajak, the two Wheel of Fortune hosts also balance eachother out well when it comes to how they handle fame. Sajak doesn’t typically like getting recognized, while White doesn’t mind.

 “I don’t think that I could have handled [fame] as well as she did,” he said in an Emmy TV Legends interview. Not that it would have necessarily happened the other way, but we are a good balance that way.”

Sajak Likes the Fact That ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Seems Old School

Sajak recognizes that Wheel of Fortune may feel a bit old-fashioned this day in age. But for him, that’s what makes it great.

“In this day in age in particular television is kind of nasty,” he told WWLP 22 News. “Now, I don’t mean to bite the hand that feeds me. But, you know, the reality shows screaming at each other and the 24-hour news, we’re kind of a throwback in a way,” he said.

But the good thing about Wheel of Fortune being a throwback?

“Nobody gets hurt, everybody gets treated with respect. We have fun, we laugh, we play our game, and we go home.”

For Sajak, the wholesome and more relaxed nature of Wheel of Fortune is where the fun lies. And clearly, that’s been a formula for success. The show has been on air for almost 50 years. The more relaxed environment allows him to joke around and sometimes tease Vanna White but also deliver a show that feels familiar and comfortable in times of uncertainty.