‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Pat Sajak, Vanna White Race Each Other in Hysterical Ketchup Pouring Contest

by Keeli Parkey

During their many years as the hosts of “Wheel of Fortune,” Pat Sajak and Vanna White have seen a lot and they’ve had a lot of fun. Recently, the popular game show has been giving viewers a chance to relive some of the fun these two famous television personalities have had over the years.

This week, the show decided to post a video that showcased the Sajak’s and White’s competitive sides. Do they arm wrestle? Nope. Do they try to solve the puzzles they expect “Wheel of Fortune” contestants to solve? Nope.

Honestly, if you tried to guess how they competed against one another you wouldn’t guess this. So, what did they do?

They battled to see who has the most efficient method of pouring ketchup out of a glass bottle. Yep. That’s what they did. And, to be honest, it’s a pretty entertaining “Wheel of Fortune” moment.

Debate Between ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Hosts Prompted Ketchup Pouring Supremacy

You can watch Pat Sajak and Vanna White compete to see who is the best ketchup pourer thanks to the tweet shared by “Wheel of Fortune.” It’s part of a series that is looking back at some of the popular game show’s best moments.

It is Sajak who sets the stage for the competition that follows in the video from 2006.

“Two ordinary bottles of premium ketchup,” Sajak says at the start of the video. He is standing next to White on the set of “Wheel of Fortune.” “We had a discussion yesterday. And, I was saying that I was told the way you do it – I don’t want to turn it upside down on you – it’s hand against hand.”

Vanna White, on the other hand, preferred another method of getting ketchup out of a glass bottle.

“And, you want to hit right where these little numbers are,” Sajak says as he and White inspect one of the bottles.

“Right where it tapers,” White adds.

With that discussion over, the “Wheel of Fortune” hosts then begin to pour ketchup out of the bottle via their preferred method. It’s clear they both want to win. However, as the audience counts down from five, it becomes obvious that one of them will emerge victorious.

And, the winner of this hilarious “Wheel of Fortune” ketchup pouring contest is … Pat Sajak!

“Ladies and gentlemen, is there any doubt,” Sajak says as he holds up the bottle and his hands in victory. One kept help but wonder if Vanna White ever asked for a rematch.

You can watch Pat Sajak and Vanna White battle it out for ketchup pouring supremacy on “Wheel of Fortune” below.