‘Wheel of Fortune’: Watch Pat Sajak’s Daughter Maggie Send Special Fourth of July Message About ‘Family’ and ‘Plans’

by Amy Myers

The Wheel of Fortune family want to wish all of their fans and followers a Happy Fourth of July. Host Pat Sajak’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, posted a video via Twitter sharing her family’s holiday plans. Dressed in a blue gown that would make letter-turner Vanna White jealous, Sajak stands in front of the game show’s electronic board as she addresses her viewers.

“Happy Fourth of July, Wheel watchers,” Sajak says with a bright smile. “We hope you enjoy your holiday. I’ll be laying by the pool grilling out with my family and watching Wheel, of course.”

Before signing off, Sajak invites followers to share how they’re spending their Fourth on Wheel of Fortune’s social media pages.

Maggie Sajak Becomes Social Media Correspondent for ‘Wheel of Fortune’

Before Maggie Sajak filled in as the letter-turner during her dad’s hiatus last year, Wheel of Fortune fans haven’t seen much of her since she was *thiiiiis tall.*

Sajak first appeared on the show when she was only a year old.

Now 26 years old, Sajak has returned to the show in a different capacity. After a brief period in which she chased her dreams to become an American country singer, the Wheel of Fortune heiress changed career paths to become the show’s online media coordinator. That means fans can expect to see her friendly face on the Wheel’s social media pages pretty often.

Sajak officially became a part of the Wheel of Fortune team on May 21. Of course, the show just had to share the happy news on social media.

So far, in her new role, Sajak has organized exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage with her dad, including a special Father’s Day segment and a daily interview using fan-submitted questions.

Host Pat Sajak Shows Fatherly Side

When Maggie Sajak isn’t asking her dad the tough questions fans want to know about the Wheel of Fortune host, she shows his softer side.

In celebration of Father’s Day this past June, Sajak and her father sat down for a special segment that featured their relationship as father and daughter. As the Sajak’s recall, Maggie used to have an annual Father-Daughter dance in elementary school. This is also one of their favorite collective memories. After the pair shared light-hearted jabs with each other, they introduced the clip of a young Maggie getting ready for her dance with her daddy.

In the video, as Pat Sajak walks into the room where his daughter is getting ready, he asks if his outfit is acceptable.

Maggie, in true Sajak fashion, responds, “Yeah, I guess,” with her hands on her hips.

“I can’t wait!” Maggie exclaims as her mother brushes her hair.

After the endearing clip, her father reveals that she was one of the few daughters that actually wanted to dance. From the first time she toddled on to the show until now, Sajak and her dad have always had a loving and supportive relationship.