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‘Wheel of Fortune’: What Happens When ‘Close Calls’ Happen on Show? Vanna White Takes Over

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Christopher Willard via Getty Images

Whether it’s a “T” that sounds like a “B,” an added word, or a buzzer-beater in the last round, contestants run into plenty of unfortunate roadblocks while competing on “Wheel of Fortune.”

However, there’s plenty of room for clarifications in most instances. Even Pat Sajak, who has been hosting for nearly 40 years alongside Vanna White, makes his very fair share of mistakes.

So what’s the protocol for a close call on “Wheel of Fortune?” What does the show do while the tapes are being checked in the back?

Vanna White Handles a Close Call

According to The Columbian in 2013, Vanna White once took over as an entertainer when a contestant had a really close call. The contestant was on the “Final Bonus Round.” They stumbled around their words before finally giving the correct answer. However, it was unclear if the answer was submitted at the right time.

Pat Sajak ran off near the producers while a decision was made. It was a close call that is pretty uncommon on the show. While off-camera, White decided to chat it up with the tightly packed studio viewers.

She said, “Sometimes, things are too close and we have to check the tape. But this gives me some time to talk with you folks! Anyone have questions for Vanna?”

Vanna White to the Rescue

Vanna White goes on to talk for seven minutes straight. She talks about her cat, her two kids, the over 6,000 dresses she’s worn while flipping letters, and everything else there is to know. She doesn’t stop there. White then talks about her epic shoe collections (because she needs shoes to match the dresses) and her love for blackjack.

Even after bonding with everyone in the audience, that connection doesn’t quite transfer to the contestant. She learns she’s lost that massive $50,000 bonus round money. The seven-minute wait ended up with a negative outcome for the “Wheel of Fortune” contestant.

While she may be a letter-turner and a conversationalist on breaks with Pat Sajak in between puzzles to viewers at home, White has a special role with the audience. The co-host has had a plethora of roles, especially since the board is now computerized.

“It’s icky when that happens, but while they check the tapes, I try to entertain the audience. They don’t get to hear me talk too much, so I try to give them a little piece of who I am,” White said.

Vanna White Dresses ‘Wheel of Fortune’

For viewers, it seems like Vanna White has a neverending cycle of glamorous dresses and shoes for every episode of “Wheel of Fortune.”

They film all the episodes for a month in just a couple of days. Between games, White even goes to change her dress. She has never worn the same dress twice. She doesn’t get to keep the dresses. Instead, brands loan the show the dress then it is promptly returned.

With over 6,5000 dresses, can Vanna White remember a favorite?

“My favorite gowns are the comfortable ones, the ones that are stretchy … I’ve started wearing a lot more cocktail dresses and I like that too because I don’t have to worry about the hem or tripping over it in my 5-in. heels,” White told People.

She also needs it to not be too tight, otherwise, it’s hard to reach the letters. White also wants a fairly streamlined skirt so it doesn’t end up blocking the letters. She never wears strapless gowns because it forces her to tug at the top and adjust on camera.