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‘Wheel of Fortune’: What it Takes to Become a Contestant

by Emily Morgan
(Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images)

Want to know what it takes to spin the wheel on the beloved “Wheel of Fortune?” We’ve got you covered on all the details to help you land a spot on the classic game show.

The likelihood of getting on the show is two-fold. A “Wheel of Fortune” hopeful must have the skills as well as charm. If you’re already a fan of the show, you probably know you need to possess a talent for solving puzzles as well as an upbeat demeanor to get your chance to appear on the show.

“The ideal “Wheel of Fortune” contestant, first and foremost, is someone who’s been watching the show for a long time, so they really understand how the game is played,” said the show’s executive producer, Harry Friedman. “Some of our best contestants are avid readers, crossword puzzle players, and solvers.”

In addition to the producer, Vanna White also gave her tips and tricks into landing on “Wheel of Fortune.” “You don’t have to scream and yell and jump up and down. Just be yourself and guess some nice letters and solve the puzzle,” said the longtime co-host.

Even the show’s leading man, Pat Sajak, gave valuable strategies for aspiring contestants. “The trick is, just treat it as a fun experience and, you know, it doesn’t hurt to watch a show occasionally because there are strategies involved.”

How To Crush Your ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Audition

Once you’ve decided you want to pursue your “Wheel of Fortune” dreams, you must submit an online application that will hopefully lead you to an audition.

If the show has nominated someone, their first audition will begin during the traveling Wheelmobile events. Once they find an audition site in their area, they’ll have a chance to show off their charisma, charm, and wit. It’s also recommended that if you have a unique talent, don’t be shy to reveal it to the judges once it’s your time to step on stage.

Once a hopeful contestant makes it through the first audition, they will have to show off their puzzle-solving skills in the final audition test. If they want the chance to win millions, the aspiring contestant must focus on solving puzzles while having a positive attitude. If you think you’ve got what it takes, click here to begin your audition process.