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‘Wheel of Fortune’: What’s the First Game Show Pat Sajak Ever Hosted?

by Will Shepard
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Pat Sajak is a man of many talents and has made a career out of showing them off. For nearly forty years, he has been hosting Wheel of Fortune. Like many game show hosts, it was not his first job. His career before the show is fascinating and deserves a deeper dive. So, let’s examine the first game show that the legendary host was working for at the start of his career.

Pat Sajak took a handful of years to get to Wheel of Fortune and had an elaborate career before. In his time, he got to explore several different occupations. But, the first game show that he was a part of was called Puzzlers. He was also on a version of Press Your Luck.

Even though these shows were never able to progress past the pilot episode phase, it got Pat Sajak heading down the right path. After these shows, he was able to land Wheel of Fortune and the rest is history.

Before Being ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Host, Pat Sajak Was on 2 Other Game Shows

Pat Sajak is now one of the most accomplished game show hosts still working. Moreover, he is likely one of the greatest game show hosts of all time. Before getting the job on Wheel of Fortune, one of the executives of the show was strongly opposed to him joining the show. Years later, it is safe to say that he proved that person wrong.

Even though Pat Sajak had only taped two total episodes as a game show host, he had experience in front of the camera. Before moving to game shows, he was working as a weatherman on a Los Angeles station.

Before heading to Hollywood to work on the local LA station, he was working in Nashville, Tennessee. For that job, he was initially a voiceover actor and quickly moved up the ranks there.

Sajak was given a five-minute newscast in the middle of The Today Show in Nashville. While working there, his ratings were excellent, and he earned his spot as a weatherman.

But the Wheel of Fortune host was not a regular weatherman. He would regularly pull hilarious stunts in front of the camera. Reportedly, one time he wore an eye patch during his weather reporting. During a commercial break, he apparently switched the patch to the other eye and went on with his business.