‘Wheel of Fortune’: Why Pat Sajak is Jokingly Taking Credit for Jimmy Buffett’s Iconic ‘Margaritaville’ Song

by Will Shepard

Man, oh man, the Wheel of Fortune host is swinging for the fences today, May 19. In a video that the game show put out, Vanna White and Pat Sajak talk about “Margaritaville.”

There is one thing, in particular, that might surprise you about Sajak’s contribution to the song. During the video that Wheel of Fortune posted to its Twitter account, Sajak takes credit for the iconic song. It might seem weird to you, but the video makes it clear just how serious he is about the song.

“You might be wondering what this giant flip-flop is doing on our set,” Sajak said. “It’s actually a small version of the 13-foot versions that are featured in the lobbies of many of the Margaritaville Hotels and Resorts in the U.S. and Caribbean.”

Then Vanna White chimed in, “And every guest gets their own brand new regular-sized pair of flip-flops when they check-in at Margaritaville Island Reserve Resorts.”

Even though it is clear the two Wheel of Fortune hosts are advertising for Margaritaville Resorts, Sajak Chimed in with a hilarious quip. The host of the game show said, “It’s hard to believe that when I gave Jimmy [Buffet] the idea for that song back in 1977, it would all lead to this, hey.”

The game show host wasn’t finished there either. “He never even sent me a note.” Man, imagine giving out the idea for one of the coolest songs ever and not even getting a thank you note for it? That’s some hard luck, even for Pat Sajak.

Wheel of Fortune said, “Who knew Pat was the one behind the song ‘Margaritaville’! @JimmyBuffett, care to comment?”

The “Wheel of Fortune” Host Once Talked About the Things He Enjoys Most About Being a Celebrity

Being a celebrity has its perks, but it also has its drawbacks. So, what does the iconic Pat Sajak enjoy most about his celebrity status?

During a 2013 interview with Seth Stutman of Mass Appeal, he answered that question. As it turns out, the Wheel of Fortune host likes that he can meet other celebrities. He might actually classify as a bit of a fanboy.

“What’s fun for me – when you’re on television for a long time, you become part of this celebrity club,” Sajak said. “So, if you’re out somewhere and you see someone you really know and admire, you can go up and say, ‘Hi.’ And, chances are they know you as well.”

Given his role on Wheel of Fortune, he has gotten to meet a lot of other celebrities. During his tenure, he has met a ton of notable people, and Sajak says this is the “most fun” part.

“So that, to me, the most fun,” Pat Sajak said. “That I can walk up to someone … a great comic who had lots of sitcoms on the air named Bob Newhart. He was a guy that I never met. I just loved him for years. And, a few years ago, we were at a party, and I saw him, and I said I gotta go say hello to him – it’s Bob Newhart.”